Adebimpe + Olamide: Traditional Wedding in Ibadan

SAP_Weddings_OlaBeeTrad_049Happy Weekend Friends… Hope the weekend is going on smoothly and to our Muslim brethren and sistren brothers and sisters, Ramadan Kareem!!!!..

We present Adebimpe and Olamide traditional wedding story. Here are two cute one of a kind love birds. Adebimpe and I have been friends for almost two decades (do i need to say more?… Well, we can talk over lunch if you really want to hear the whole story LOL) and I met Olamide for the first time when she contacted me to “snipe” their introduction (Yes o!!! They love us at SAP like that), we clicked immediately and straight from there I knew Olamide isn’t a “serenren” person. From Introduction to their engagement session to traditional wedding and to the White wedding, it was an amazing journey with these two awesome souls.

Well straight to the event day,  it was a lovely Friday afternoon in Ibadan which a rainy morning helped look awesome and the event was a beautiful one with close relatives. Adebimpe is such a lover…… as you would see. Very cute couple with lovely friends and family. We did enjoy the day with them. I got the awesome Jesse Omoghene to assist me on this. Do enjoy this and please show a friend.

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Cheers 🙂

SAP_Weddings_OlaBeeTrad_001 SAP_Weddings_OlaBeeTrad_002 SAP_Weddings_OlaBeeTrad_003 SAP_Weddings_OlaBeeTrad_004 SAP_Weddings_OlaBeeTrad_005 SAP_Weddings_OlaBeeTrad_006 SAP_Weddings_OlaBeeTrad_007 SAP_Weddings_OlaBeeTrad_008 SAP_Weddings_OlaBeeTrad_009 SAP_Weddings_OlaBeeTrad_010 SAP_Weddings_OlaBeeTrad_011 SAP_Weddings_OlaBeeTrad_012SAP_Weddings_OlaBeeTrad_015 SAP_Weddings_OlaBeeTrad_016 SAP_Weddings_OlaBeeTrad_017 SAP_Weddings_OlaBeeTrad_018 SAP_Weddings_OlaBeeTrad_019 SAP_Weddings_OlaBeeTrad_020 SAP_Weddings_OlaBeeTrad_021 SAP_Weddings_OlaBeeTrad_022 SAP_Weddings_OlaBeeTrad_023 SAP_Weddings_OlaBeeTrad_024 SAP_Weddings_OlaBeeTrad_025 SAP_Weddings_OlaBeeTrad_026 SAP_Weddings_OlaBeeTrad_027 SAP_Weddings_OlaBeeTrad_028 SAP_Weddings_OlaBeeTrad_029 SAP_Weddings_OlaBeeTrad_030 SAP_Weddings_OlaBeeTrad_031 SAP_Weddings_OlaBeeTrad_032 SAP_Weddings_OlaBeeTrad_033 SAP_Weddings_OlaBeeTrad_034 SAP_Weddings_OlaBeeTrad_035 SAP_Weddings_OlaBeeTrad_036 SAP_Weddings_OlaBeeTrad_037 SAP_Weddings_OlaBeeTrad_038 SAP_Weddings_OlaBeeTrad_039 SAP_Weddings_OlaBeeTrad_040 SAP_Weddings_OlaBeeTrad_041 SAP_Weddings_OlaBeeTrad_042 SAP_Weddings_OlaBeeTrad_043 SAP_Weddings_OlaBeeTrad_044 SAP_Weddings_OlaBeeTrad_045 SAP_Weddings_OlaBeeTrad_046 SAP_Weddings_OlaBeeTrad_047 SAP_Weddings_OlaBeeTrad_048

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