Adebimpe+Olamide- Engagement Session, Lagos, Nigeria.

I will be very correct if I say, The “Wedding Season” is upon us!!! :D… It’s not like we’ve not been getting gigs since January but it’s time for back to back gigs, it will just be awesome to start the season with Bimpe and Lamide’s e-session.

blog_OlaBee_SAP_esession_019Two very busy people…. Bimpe buzzed me on a Saturday to confirm our Sunday Call-time for the E-session which she had to move 4 hours earlier, yes I had to bunk church for her x_x that’s work sometimes ๐Ÿ˜‰ .. You can check out their introduction pictures here.

Driving round Lagos Island in My assistant, Busayo’s carย  with Bimpe and her boo in their car looking for a cool spot was loads of fun and the shoot was fun too, Funny lovers ๐Ÿ˜€

Enough talk, let’s get cracking!

I can totally be your Photographer, Why not call me up ๐Ÿ˜€


blog_OlaBee_SAP_esession_001 blog_OlaBee_SAP_esession_002ย  This could be you and your Boo, I want to be your #Photographer. blog_OlaBee_SAP_esession_004 blog_OlaBee_SAP_esession_005 blog_OlaBee_SAP_esession_006 blog_OlaBee_SAP_esession_007 blog_OlaBee_SAP_esession_008 blog_OlaBee_SAP_esession_009 blog_OlaBee_SAP_esession_010 blog_OlaBee_SAP_esession_011 blog_OlaBee_SAP_esession_012 blog_OlaBee_SAP_esession_013 blog_OlaBee_SAP_esession_014 blog_OlaBee_SAP_esession_015 blog_OlaBee_SAP_esession_016 blog_OlaBee_SAP_esession_017 blog_OlaBee_SAP_esession_020 blog_OlaBee_SAP_esession_021


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