The Rhea Beauty Series Part 1

Hello there,

Since 2014, we’ve been doing collaborations with a particular set of creatives… Oma Osayomi of Blend MakeOvers, Tony Aigbogun of BeautyAce7 and amazing models, Oyin Adaramodu, Munah Nweke, Audrey Akinyemi, Omowumi Ikumapayi, Erica Amaka,  to do series of beauty shoot.

Here are images from the bridal inspired #RheaBeautySeries shot at #TheRange in 2015. Featuring, The usual suspects, Shola for Sniper Ajix Photography, Oma of Blend Makeovers and Tony of Beauty Ace7. And Erica Amaka, the model for the day.

Let’s us know what you think.


Ife & Ife- Esession, Lagos

Whoop!…. It’s a new year. And part of the decisions I made at the beginning of the year, “Start Blogging again….. and never leave”. So here we are.  For a whole year, I didn’t come on here and that’s not so fine, I know.. Forgive me! I know you miss me but trust me its all worth it.

So we will be doing a little catch-up, will post everyday till you’ve seen everything we’ve been up to in the past 1- 2yrs and the current situation.

First,  Enjoy these love birds… Ife and Ife from December 2014. Shot in Lagos.



Salma+Tunde- PreWeddingSession… Lagos

Love, they say grows well when well watered and cared for. Ok, I will just drop this here…. I used to think Long term relationships are hardwork and sometimes, don’t work out and the really short ones are the best but nah…. I think it depends on the “People” in the relationship.

I’ve always wanted to photograph dogs, I had one growing up and at every point in my life, I’ve always lived with dogs… I love dogs and love to play with them but the dog must know me sha (make dog no come bite me LOL) before I even attempt to go close. So,When Salma asked me if I could come snipe her and her hubby with the dogs, I jumped at the chance…Salma and Tunde will make you love LOVE and the chemistry between them is just heavenly…  Here’s a little something from our session some months ago….Yes Months… I’m trying to push all 2014 jobs out :D…. No More hoarding *LOL* Featuring Tunde, Salma and their amazing dogs Rusty and Red… Rusty can make noise for Africa mehn..


SAP_PreWedding_Salma&Tunde_001 SAP_PreWedding_Salma&Tunde_002 SAP_PreWedding_Salma&Tunde_003 SAP_PreWedding_Salma&Tunde_004 SAP_PreWedding_Salma&Tunde_005 SAP_PreWedding_Salma&Tunde_006 SAP_PreWedding_Salma&Tunde_007 SAP_PreWedding_Salma&Tunde_008 SAP_PreWedding_Salma&Tunde_009 SAP_PreWedding_Salma&Tunde_010 SAP_PreWedding_Salma&Tunde_011 SAP_PreWedding_Salma&Tunde_012 SAP_PreWedding_Salma&Tunde_013 SAP_PreWedding_Salma&Tunde_014 SAP_PreWedding_Salma&Tunde_015 SAP_PreWedding_Salma&Tunde_016 SAP_PreWedding_Salma&Tunde_017 SAP_PreWedding_Salma&Tunde_018 SAP_PreWedding_Salma&Tunde_019 SAP_PreWedding_Salma&Tunde_020 SAP_PreWedding_Salma&Tunde_021 SAP_PreWedding_Salma&Tunde_022 SAP_PreWedding_Salma&Tunde_023 SAP_PreWedding_Salma&Tunde_024 SAP_PreWedding_Salma&Tunde_025

Sights from The Genevieve Pink Ball

I’m sure you all had an amazing weekend like I did…  The Genevieve PinkBall was the highlight of my weekend. From the Carpet to the decoration to the hosting, the performances and the guests… Pure AWESOMENESS…. Awesome dresses…Michelle Dede did an amazing job hosting the event and Flavour wrapped the day up with a Scintillating performance.

Big shout out to My own Ariike for convincing me to go for the event and making sure I was on point (I’m still really sorry), Liz Yemoja and Munah, for always having for my back and Kola Oshalusi.

SAP_GenevievePinkBall_001 SAP_GenevievePinkBall_015 SAP_GenevievePinkBall_023 SAP_GenevievePinkBall_027 SAP_GenevievePinkBall_029 SAP_GenevievePinkBall_032 SAP_GenevievePinkBall_033 SAP_GenevievePinkBall_038 SAP_GenevievePinkBall_057 SAP_GenevievePinkBall_062 SAP_GenevievePinkBall_064 SAP_GenevievePinkBall_065 SAP_GenevievePinkBall_067 SAP_GenevievePinkBall_068 SAP_GenevievePinkBall_076 SAP_GenevievePinkBall_084 SAP_GenevievePinkBall_098 SAP_GenevievePinkBall_102 SAP_GenevievePinkBall_106 SAP_GenevievePinkBall_107 SAP_GenevievePinkBall_112 SAP_GenevievePinkBall_113 SAP_GenevievePinkBall_115 SAP_GenevievePinkBall_116 SAP_GenevievePinkBall_128 SAP_GenevievePinkBall_136 SAP_GenevievePinkBall_139 SAP_GenevievePinkBall_145 SAP_GenevievePinkBall_153 SAP_GenevievePinkBall_157 SAP_GenevievePinkBall_168 SAP_GenevievePinkBall_169 SAP_GenevievePinkBall_175 SAP_GenevievePinkBall_176 SAP_GenevievePinkBall_177 SAP_GenevievePinkBall_178 SAP_GenevievePinkBall_249 SAP_GenevievePinkBall_252 SAP_GenevievePinkBall_258 SAP_GenevievePinkBall_256 SAP_GenevievePinkBall_375 SAP_GenevievePinkBall_376 SAP_GenevievePinkBall_514 SAP_GenevievePinkBall_515 SAP_GenevievePinkBall_516

SAP_GenevievePinkBall_460 SAP_GenevievePinkBall_296 SAP_GenevievePinkBall_263 SAP_GenevievePinkBall_255 SAP_GenevievePinkBall_131 SAP_GenevievePinkBall_109 SAP_GenevievePinkBall_070

SAP_GenevievePinkBall_499 SAP_GenevievePinkBall_507 SAP_GenevievePinkBall_511 SAP_GenevievePinkBall_500 SAP_GenevievePinkBall_502 SAP_GenevievePinkBall_505 SAP_GenevievePinkBall_221 SAP_GenevievePinkBall_517SAP_GenevievePinkBall_007

SAP_GenevievePinkBall_059 SAP_GenevievePinkBall_187 SAP_GenevievePinkBall_189 SAP_GenevievePinkBall_191 SAP_GenevievePinkBall_199 SAP_GenevievePinkBall_206 SAP_GenevievePinkBall_208 SAP_GenevievePinkBall_214 SAP_GenevievePinkBall_219 SAP_GenevievePinkBall_235 SAP_GenevievePinkBall_234 SAP_GenevievePinkBall_229 SAP_GenevievePinkBall_240 SAP_GenevievePinkBall_253 SAP_GenevievePinkBall_269 SAP_GenevievePinkBall_271 SAP_GenevievePinkBall_272 SAP_GenevievePinkBall_279 SAP_GenevievePinkBall_284 SAP_GenevievePinkBall_283 SAP_GenevievePinkBall_303 SAP_GenevievePinkBall_307 SAP_GenevievePinkBall_309

SAP_GenevievePinkBall_180 SAP_GenevievePinkBall_214 SAP_GenevievePinkBall_247 SAP_GenevievePinkBall_340 SAP_GenevievePinkBall_343 SAP_GenevievePinkBall_345 SAP_GenevievePinkBall_347 SAP_GenevievePinkBall_368 SAP_GenevievePinkBall_359 SAP_GenevievePinkBall_362 SAP_GenevievePinkBall_380 SAP_GenevievePinkBall_371

SAP_GenevievePinkBall_238 SAP_GenevievePinkBall_419 SAP_GenevievePinkBall_417 SAP_GenevievePinkBall_395 SAP_GenevievePinkBall_398 SAP_GenevievePinkBall_405 SAP_GenevievePinkBall_423 SAP_GenevievePinkBall_425 SAP_GenevievePinkBall_426 SAP_GenevievePinkBall_427 SAP_GenevievePinkBall_434 SAP_GenevievePinkBall_437

SAP_GenevievePinkBall_432 SAP_GenevievePinkBall_393 SAP_GenevievePinkBall_390 SAP_GenevievePinkBall_414 SAP_GenevievePinkBall_454

‘If you must copy, please get proper permission”

Bridal Inspiration at #TheRange with Ariike


Hello People, hope this meets you well….. I know I’ve been gone for too long but I’m back now!… For real this time… I’ve just been working on some awesome projects in and out of Lagos…. I will sure let you in on the projects in subsequent posts. Back, BETTER and not planning to stop getting Better than BETTER

Recently, we started a beauty series called “Rhea Beauty Series”, I posted some of the images on Here but here are the most recent images from Last week’s shoot with the awesome Make-Up artist, an amazing “Gele Bender” and even a sweet model, Tolulope (@aariike). Working her magic on herself and My Cute Muse, Audrey…

“You are as good as the people you choose to work with”- Anonymous

Trust me, I’m back now… Stay locked in 😉








MakeUp Artist- Tolulope
Gele Bender- Tolulope
Models- Tolulope and Audrey
Styled by Shola 😀

For any updates or Bookings, you can follow @sniper_ajix on Twitter and Instagram

Adebimpe + Olamide: Traditional Wedding in Ibadan

SAP_Weddings_OlaBeeTrad_049Happy Weekend Friends… Hope the weekend is going on smoothly and to our Muslim brethren and sistren brothers and sisters, Ramadan Kareem!!!!..

We present Adebimpe and Olamide traditional wedding story. Here are two cute one of a kind love birds. Adebimpe and I have been friends for almost two decades (do i need to say more?… Well, we can talk over lunch if you really want to hear the whole story LOL) and I met Olamide for the first time when she contacted me to “snipe” their introduction (Yes o!!! They love us at SAP like that), we clicked immediately and straight from there I knew Olamide isn’t a “serenren” person. From Introduction to their engagement session to traditional wedding and to the White wedding, it was an amazing journey with these two awesome souls.

Well straight to the event day,  it was a lovely Friday afternoon in Ibadan which a rainy morning helped look awesome and the event was a beautiful one with close relatives. Adebimpe is such a lover…… as you would see. Very cute couple with lovely friends and family. We did enjoy the day with them. I got the awesome Jesse Omoghene to assist me on this. Do enjoy this and please show a friend.

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Cheers 🙂

SAP_Weddings_OlaBeeTrad_001 SAP_Weddings_OlaBeeTrad_002 SAP_Weddings_OlaBeeTrad_003 SAP_Weddings_OlaBeeTrad_004 SAP_Weddings_OlaBeeTrad_005 SAP_Weddings_OlaBeeTrad_006 SAP_Weddings_OlaBeeTrad_007 SAP_Weddings_OlaBeeTrad_008 SAP_Weddings_OlaBeeTrad_009 SAP_Weddings_OlaBeeTrad_010 SAP_Weddings_OlaBeeTrad_011 SAP_Weddings_OlaBeeTrad_012SAP_Weddings_OlaBeeTrad_015 SAP_Weddings_OlaBeeTrad_016 SAP_Weddings_OlaBeeTrad_017 SAP_Weddings_OlaBeeTrad_018 SAP_Weddings_OlaBeeTrad_019 SAP_Weddings_OlaBeeTrad_020 SAP_Weddings_OlaBeeTrad_021 SAP_Weddings_OlaBeeTrad_022 SAP_Weddings_OlaBeeTrad_023 SAP_Weddings_OlaBeeTrad_024 SAP_Weddings_OlaBeeTrad_025 SAP_Weddings_OlaBeeTrad_026 SAP_Weddings_OlaBeeTrad_027 SAP_Weddings_OlaBeeTrad_028 SAP_Weddings_OlaBeeTrad_029 SAP_Weddings_OlaBeeTrad_030 SAP_Weddings_OlaBeeTrad_031 SAP_Weddings_OlaBeeTrad_032 SAP_Weddings_OlaBeeTrad_033 SAP_Weddings_OlaBeeTrad_034 SAP_Weddings_OlaBeeTrad_035 SAP_Weddings_OlaBeeTrad_036 SAP_Weddings_OlaBeeTrad_037 SAP_Weddings_OlaBeeTrad_038 SAP_Weddings_OlaBeeTrad_039 SAP_Weddings_OlaBeeTrad_040 SAP_Weddings_OlaBeeTrad_041 SAP_Weddings_OlaBeeTrad_042 SAP_Weddings_OlaBeeTrad_043 SAP_Weddings_OlaBeeTrad_044 SAP_Weddings_OlaBeeTrad_045 SAP_Weddings_OlaBeeTrad_046 SAP_Weddings_OlaBeeTrad_047 SAP_Weddings_OlaBeeTrad_048

Testshoot at iPosh Looks’ Studio


Been long you saw me…… But I’m here now….  For real this time….

I’ve been looking to try my hand on a proper “Beauty Photography” project, not shooting a bride on her big day or during a random shoot… A proper shoot set out to shoot for that purpose. I shared what I had in mind with the baddest MakeUp Artists I know (Of course, I have a VIP list for MUAs). LOL… They were excited, so we started planning… and yeah we’re still planning. The shoot will happen real soon. #Anticipate..

During the planning, Iphie of iPoshLooks Studio said we should do a test shoot and see what we can pull off playing with Ankara and beads, it was all jokes and fun in the studio… 🙂

SAP_BeautyTestShoot_008 SAP_BeautyTestShoot_002

   SAP_BeautyTestShoot_021 SAP_BeautyTestShoot_009      SAP_BeautyTestShoot_016 SAP_BeautyTestShoot_017 SAP_BeautyTestShoot_020     SAP_BeautyTestShoot_003  SAP_BeautyTestShoot_012

Models- Titi ||IG- @teeteehardu, Kike- || IG- @kiksplace

Make-up- Ifeoma Adefemi for iPosh Looks- IG- @iposhlooks

Styling- Ifeoma Adefemi

Yellow Beads- IG @asoebinecklaces


Constructive Criticisms are welcome…

Adebimpe+Olamide- Engagement Session, Lagos, Nigeria.

I will be very correct if I say, The “Wedding Season” is upon us!!! :D… It’s not like we’ve not been getting gigs since January but it’s time for back to back gigs, it will just be awesome to start the season with Bimpe and Lamide’s e-session.

blog_OlaBee_SAP_esession_019Two very busy people…. Bimpe buzzed me on a Saturday to confirm our Sunday Call-time for the E-session which she had to move 4 hours earlier, yes I had to bunk church for her x_x that’s work sometimes 😉 .. You can check out their introduction pictures here.

Driving round Lagos Island in My assistant, Busayo’s car  with Bimpe and her boo in their car looking for a cool spot was loads of fun and the shoot was fun too, Funny lovers 😀

Enough talk, let’s get cracking!

I can totally be your Photographer, Why not call me up 😀


blog_OlaBee_SAP_esession_001 blog_OlaBee_SAP_esession_002  This could be you and your Boo, I want to be your #Photographer. blog_OlaBee_SAP_esession_004 blog_OlaBee_SAP_esession_005 blog_OlaBee_SAP_esession_006 blog_OlaBee_SAP_esession_007 blog_OlaBee_SAP_esession_008 blog_OlaBee_SAP_esession_009 blog_OlaBee_SAP_esession_010 blog_OlaBee_SAP_esession_011 blog_OlaBee_SAP_esession_012 blog_OlaBee_SAP_esession_013 blog_OlaBee_SAP_esession_014 blog_OlaBee_SAP_esession_015 blog_OlaBee_SAP_esession_016 blog_OlaBee_SAP_esession_017 blog_OlaBee_SAP_esession_020 blog_OlaBee_SAP_esession_021

In the Studio with Tt

Hello awesome people,

I got a call from Titi, My friend for dayyysssssss….. that she wants me to shoot her promo pictures to promote her new single… I jumped at the deal, we picked a day and BAM!!!! we had the shoot! though we had to shoot for two separate days, we didn’t finish the shoot the first day because we had to crash a wedding 😉 LOL… We are weird like that 😀 ..


These pictures have just been seating on my HDD waiting for our single to drop first before dropping it 😀 …. But today I made up my mind to post it even before the amazing single is finally out for everyone to listen to the music genius, Titi(Tt).

***Let me give you people expo- The title of the song that is still in the kitchen cooking is “*******” No No!!! I’m not telling because we are very “On Point” like that 😉 You should know where I went with that one and YES!!!  a little bird told me the song is gonna be the Theme song of a huge dance concert! Yes, Tt is multi-talented: She can dance ehn!!!!

Well, we had fun shooting and posing Titi was awesome too 😀


SAP_PromoPortrait_Tt_002 SAP_PromoPortrait_Tt_003 SAP_PromoPortrait_Tt_004 SAP_PromoPortrait_Tt_005 SAP_PromoPortrait_Tt_006 SAP_PromoPortrait_Tt_007 SAP_PromoPortrait_Tt_008 SAP_PromoPortrait_Tt_009 SAP_PromoPortrait_Tt_010 SAP_PromoPortrait_Tt_011 SAP_PromoPortrait_Tt_012 SAP_PromoPortrait_Tt_013 SAP_PromoPortrait_Tt_014 SAP_PromoPortrait_Tt_015

You can follow Tt on twitter- @modaconfesor and on facebook- Moda confesor.. 😉