In the Studio with Tt

Hello awesome people,

I got a call from Titi, My friend for dayyysssssss….. that she wants me to shoot her promo pictures to promote her new single… I jumped at the deal, we picked a day and BAM!!!! we had the shoot! though we had to shoot for two separate days, we didn’t finish the shoot the first day because we had to crash a wedding 😉 LOL… We are weird like that 😀 ..


These pictures have just been seating on my HDD waiting for our single to drop first before dropping it 😀 …. But today I made up my mind to post it even before the amazing single is finally out for everyone to listen to the music genius, Titi(Tt).

***Let me give you people expo- The title of the song that is still in the kitchen cooking is “*******” No No!!! I’m not telling because we are very “On Point” like that 😉 You should know where I went with that one and YES!!!  a little bird told me the song is gonna be the Theme song of a huge dance concert! Yes, Tt is multi-talented: She can dance ehn!!!!

Well, we had fun shooting and posing Titi was awesome too 😀


SAP_PromoPortrait_Tt_002 SAP_PromoPortrait_Tt_003 SAP_PromoPortrait_Tt_004 SAP_PromoPortrait_Tt_005 SAP_PromoPortrait_Tt_006 SAP_PromoPortrait_Tt_007 SAP_PromoPortrait_Tt_008 SAP_PromoPortrait_Tt_009 SAP_PromoPortrait_Tt_010 SAP_PromoPortrait_Tt_011 SAP_PromoPortrait_Tt_012 SAP_PromoPortrait_Tt_013 SAP_PromoPortrait_Tt_014 SAP_PromoPortrait_Tt_015

You can follow Tt on twitter- @modaconfesor and on facebook- Moda confesor.. 😉


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