Salma+Tunde- PreWeddingSession… Lagos

Love, they say grows well when well watered and cared for. Ok, I will just drop this here…. I used to think Long term relationships are hardwork and sometimes, don’t work out and the really short ones are the best but nah…. I think it depends on the “People” in the relationship.

I’ve always wanted to photograph dogs, I had one growing up and at every point in my life, I’ve always lived with dogs… I love dogs and love to play with them but the dog must know me sha (make dog no come bite me LOL) before I even attempt to go close. So,When Salma asked me if I could come snipe her and her hubby with the dogs, I jumped at the chance…Salma and Tunde will make you love LOVE and the chemistry between them is just heavenly…  Here’s a little something from our session some months ago….Yes Months… I’m trying to push all 2014 jobs out :D…. No More hoarding *LOL* Featuring Tunde, Salma and their amazing dogs Rusty and Red… Rusty can make noise for Africa mehn..


SAP_PreWedding_Salma&Tunde_001 SAP_PreWedding_Salma&Tunde_002 SAP_PreWedding_Salma&Tunde_003 SAP_PreWedding_Salma&Tunde_004 SAP_PreWedding_Salma&Tunde_005 SAP_PreWedding_Salma&Tunde_006 SAP_PreWedding_Salma&Tunde_007 SAP_PreWedding_Salma&Tunde_008 SAP_PreWedding_Salma&Tunde_009 SAP_PreWedding_Salma&Tunde_010 SAP_PreWedding_Salma&Tunde_011 SAP_PreWedding_Salma&Tunde_012 SAP_PreWedding_Salma&Tunde_013 SAP_PreWedding_Salma&Tunde_014 SAP_PreWedding_Salma&Tunde_015 SAP_PreWedding_Salma&Tunde_016 SAP_PreWedding_Salma&Tunde_017 SAP_PreWedding_Salma&Tunde_018 SAP_PreWedding_Salma&Tunde_019 SAP_PreWedding_Salma&Tunde_020 SAP_PreWedding_Salma&Tunde_021 SAP_PreWedding_Salma&Tunde_022 SAP_PreWedding_Salma&Tunde_023 SAP_PreWedding_Salma&Tunde_024 SAP_PreWedding_Salma&Tunde_025

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