Bridal Inspiration at #TheRange with Ariike


Hello People, hope this meets you well….. I know I’ve been gone for too long but I’m back now!… For real this time… I’ve just been working on some awesome projects in and out of Lagos…. I will sure let you in on the projects in subsequent posts. Back, BETTER and not planning to stop getting Better than BETTER

Recently, we started a beauty series called “Rhea Beauty Series”, I posted some of the images on Here but here are the most recent images from Last week’s shoot with the awesome Make-Up artist, an amazing “Gele Bender” and even a sweet model, Tolulope (@aariike). Working her magic on herself and My Cute Muse, Audrey…

“You are as good as the people you choose to work with”- Anonymous

Trust me, I’m back now… Stay locked in 😉








MakeUp Artist- Tolulope
Gele Bender- Tolulope
Models- Tolulope and Audrey
Styled by Shola 😀

For any updates or Bookings, you can follow @sniper_ajix on Twitter and Instagram

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