Oreoluwa + Opeyemi –Gift of Thankgiving…. A Bond made in Heaven

I’m finally here….

Don’t forget, your wedding is a very special time in your life and it’s a good photographer’s job to make sure you enjoy it, without you worrying about what you might miss. We’ll be your eyes! So, please choose right when you want to pick a photographer for your big day.


First official blog post of the year!…. and to start my blog year, it will be images from one of my favourite couples’ wedding…. Ore and Ope, a bond made in Heaven!

I’ve practically known Ope all my life, a true brother, an awesome close friend and very responsible…. (;) you all will know where I got some my good traits from….) *show me your friend and I will tell you who you are going to be*… He inspires me in a lot of ways. Ore is the sweetest young lady I’ve met so far, open minded, intelligent and very amiable. Anytime I sit to talk to Ore, I’m always happy at the wisdom she brings to the table every time. Consistent wisdom! My personal Special Adviser on Relationship Matters… Yes, I know I’ve relationship issues…. LOL… NO!!! It’s not bad at all, I think I’m just too simple that they fail to try to understand me…hehehehe! Well,you can use the comment tab if you think I’m not Simple 😀

*clears throat* …. Straight to the business… This was one awesome and interesting wedding. On the wedding day, it was a nice “not too sunny” day, Though Ore didn’t get ready early, she had to rush out and had no time at all for proper pictures (Future brides please take note) coupled with the fact that I was part of the train, the Groom’s official driver and Photographers’ Driver at a point …LOL… Oh yes! I can multitask 😀 Aso-Ebi Planner organized the event and I must say Aso Ebi is one good event planner, anything they touch turns into GOLD! The event took place at the Bishop’s Court hall, Onikolobo, Abeokuta.

I shot this awesome wedding with amazing photographers, Ridwan and Sam of Duduguy Photography!

I present to you Ore and Ope!

Enjoy 😉

 SAP_Weddings_Ore&Ope_002 SAP_Weddings_Ore&Ope_003 SAP_Weddings_Ore&Ope_004 SAP_Weddings_Ore&Ope_005 SAP_Weddings_Ore&Ope_006 SAP_Weddings_Ore&Ope_007 SAP_Weddings_Ore&Ope_008SAP_Weddings_Ore&Ope_009 SAP_Weddings_Ore&Ope_010 SAP_Weddings_Ore&Ope_011 SAP_Weddings_Ore&Ope_012 SAP_Weddings_Ore&Ope_013SAP_Weddings_Ore&Ope_014 SAP_Weddings_Ore&Ope_015 SAP_Weddings_Ore&Ope_016 SAP_Weddings_Ore&Ope_017 SAP_Weddings_Ore&Ope_018

SAP_Weddings_Ore&Ope_020 SAP_Weddings_Ore&Ope_021 SAP_Weddings_Ore&Ope_022 SAP_Weddings_Ore&Ope_023 SAP_Weddings_Ore&Ope_024 SAP_Weddings_Ore&Ope_025 SAP_Weddings_Ore&Ope_026 SAP_Weddings_Ore&Ope_027 SAP_Weddings_Ore&Ope_028 SAP_Weddings_Ore&Ope_029 SAP_Weddings_Ore&Ope_030 SAP_Weddings_Ore&Ope_031 SAP_Weddings_Ore&Ope_032 SAP_Weddings_Ore&Ope_033 SAP_Weddings_Ore&Ope_034 SAP_Weddings_Ore&Ope_035 SAP_Weddings_Ore&Ope_036 SAP_Weddings_Ore&Ope_037 SAP_Weddings_Ore&Ope_038 SAP_Weddings_Ore&Ope_039 SAP_Weddings_Ore&Ope_040 SAP_Weddings_Ore&Ope_041 SAP_Weddings_Ore&Ope_042 SAP_Weddings_Ore&Ope_043 SAP_Weddings_Ore&Ope_044 SAP_Weddings_Ore&Ope_045 SAP_Weddings_Ore&Ope_046 SAP_Weddings_Ore&Ope_048 SAP_Weddings_Ore&Ope_049 SAP_Weddings_Ore&Ope_050 SAP_Weddings_Ore&Ope_051 SAP_Weddings_Ore&Ope_054 SAP_Weddings_Ore&Ope_055 SAP_Weddings_Ore&Ope_056 SAP_Weddings_Ore&Ope_058 SAP_Weddings_Ore&Ope_059 SAP_Weddings_Ore&Ope_060 SAP_Weddings_Ore&Ope_061 SAP_Weddings_Ore&Ope_062

SAP_Weddings_Ore&Ope_093 SAP_Weddings_Ore&Ope_063 SAP_Weddings_Ore&Ope_064 SAP_Weddings_Ore&Ope_065 SAP_Weddings_Ore&Ope_066 SAP_Weddings_Ore&Ope_067 SAP_Weddings_Ore&Ope_068 SAP_Weddings_Ore&Ope_069 SAP_Weddings_Ore&Ope_070 SAP_Weddings_Ore&Ope_071 SAP_Weddings_Ore&Ope_072 SAP_Weddings_Ore&Ope_073 SAP_Weddings_Ore&Ope_074 SAP_Weddings_Ore&Ope_075 SAP_Weddings_Ore&Ope_076 SAP_Weddings_Ore&Ope_077 SAP_Weddings_Ore&Ope_078 SAP_Weddings_Ore&Ope_079 SAP_Weddings_Ore&Ope_080 SAP_Weddings_Ore&Ope_081 SAP_Weddings_Ore&Ope_082 SAP_Weddings_Ore&Ope_083 SAP_Weddings_Ore&Ope_084 SAP_Weddings_Ore&Ope_085 SAP_Weddings_Ore&Ope_086 SAP_Weddings_Ore&Ope_087 SAP_Weddings_Ore&Ope_088 SAP_Weddings_Ore&Ope_089 SAP_Weddings_Ore&Ope_091 SAP_Weddings_Ore&Ope_092


SAP_engagement_Ore&Ope_011 SAP_engagement_Ore&Ope_012

SAP_engagement_Ore&Ope_010 SAP_engagement_Ore&Ope_009 SAP_engagement_Ore&Ope_008

SAP_engagement_Ore&Ope_002 SAP_engagement_Ore&Ope_003 SAP_engagement_Ore&Ope_004 SAP_engagement_Ore&Ope_005 SAP_engagement_Ore&Ope_006 SAP_engagement_Ore&Ope_007

SAP_engagement_Ore&Ope_001SAP_engagement_Ore&Ope_013 SAP_engagement_Ore&Ope_014 SAP_engagement_Ore&Ope_015 SAP_engagement_Ore&Ope_016 SAP_engagement_Ore&Ope_017


5 thoughts on “Oreoluwa + Opeyemi –Gift of Thankgiving…. A Bond made in Heaven

  1. Hmm…….. Right now, I fell like getting married. This is soooo Extravaggant, Awesome, cool, great, don’t know d best word 2 discribe it. Keep it up

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