Oreoluwa + Opeyemi- Love in the 80’s – “Old School” themed Pre-wedding

Hello people, This shoot was first of its kind for me…. A themed shoot……I got a call from Oreoluwa months ago telling me about what their pre-wedding pictures should look like, and also portraying the kind of people they are… We spoke about the outfit and the location and trust me, Oreoluwa nailed the planning! She got everything well planned, well written on paper…… like a script! Ope and I got to Abeokuta on a Saturday, a day before the shoot… Abeokuta Golf Course was the location for the shoot! A beautiful place I must say!

Enjoy! 😀

Do have a lovely week!

SAP_OreOpe_001 SAP_OreOpe_002 SAP_OreOpe_003 SAP_OreOpe_004 SAP_OreOpe_005 SAP_OreOpe_006 SAP_OreOpe_007 SAP_OreOpe_008 SAP_OreOpe_009 SAP_OreOpe_010 SAP_OreOpe_011 SAP_OreOpe_012 SAP_OreOpe_013 SAP_OreOpe_014 SAP_OreOpe_015 SAP_OreOpe_016 SAP_OreOpe_017 SAP_OreOpe_018 SAP_OreOpe_019 SAP_OreOpe_020 SAP_OreOpe_021

Who wants me to shoot their idea? #PreWedding #Fashion #Beauty #Photography

Holla @sniper_ajix on twitter or mail “projects@sniperajix.com” if you want me to shoot your idea #PreWedding #Fashion #Beauty #Photography 😉


3 thoughts on “Oreoluwa + Opeyemi- Love in the 80’s – “Old School” themed Pre-wedding

  1. Turning ideas into picture. The true culture of photography and artistry. It takes a complete artiste to imagine, script it, and turn it to pictures…. It becomes fun when the pictures become a reality!

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