ToDaY’s GiSt- The Life Of A City Brawler “Episode 3”

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My sincere apologies to you all and to my Oga Sniper for the long break… well… its all for the greater good, but I can assure you all, this time around…I am back and yea, back and ready… thanks for all your comments and your patience…. the Story of the Life of a City Brawler is back!!!!!!!!!  So … sit back, read , enjoy and don’t forget to comment…. Lest I forget please Vote this Blog as “Best Photography Blog” for the upcoming Nigerian Blog Awards HERE.

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I looked at the torn pieces of paper…now completely useless, I felt woozy and dizzy… In no time  I was filled with rage and scorn…I looked at my wife and felt like hitting her with all the hate in me… but Alas! I could not do that.. I quietly stood up and walked out of the house.

I kept on walking,’ why does Life have to be so hard?…. why am I so unlucky?… different thoughts kept crossing my mind.. my head filled with rabid and suicidal thoughts, “Should I end it all now?” I felt tears rolling down my eyes, the man in me was finally  broken…In the physical, I was walking on the road, but I was just a dead man walking, my soul had been shattered and I had lost hope. I was jolted from my thoughts by a loud sharp sting  at the back of my head, the pain oozed down my spine and before I could recover I found myself elevated and off the ground by some force I could not explain at that time… I hit the ground with such impact and I felt blood running down my throat… as I turned to look at who my assailant was, I saw two hefty looking men, one of them grabbed me by the collar and  with a voice that sounded like  someone  from out  of space, he said… ” Are you deaf or something? Do you want to die? Can’t you see that you are in the middle of the road and  we have been honking  the car horn for you to get your ragged self out of the the way?” as I was about to utter something, the other one landed a hot slap on my cheek that nearly knocked my teeth out of my mouth, I felt like I had been slapped with a sledge hammer!!!!!!…. I could not talk, I simply burst into tears like a baby…. tears flowing out of my eyes like a waterfall…
then I heard someone call out my name”TJ!!” I turned around to see who it was, a man in a flowing Agbada, came down from the  Jeep, parked some few meters away from me, I stared hard, but I could not pick out who he was, he slowly walked towards me with grace and panache, my assailants slightly bowed their heads at this man’s appearance… I was sure this was not the man who had called out to me, one thing I was sure of, was  that he was certainly the man who had unleashed these “beasts” on me…

To my amazement, with a smile on his face, I heard him call out my name” Temitope Johnson a.k.a the calculator” , I was surprised, only a few people knew me by that alias, I rubbed my eyes to clean the tears in them and the man smiled and asked “ Don’t you remember me?” I replied , ” No Sir!
” It is me Olusegun Awobiyi,  your “roomie” back in the University….

“No it cant be? Segun??? How can it be??? this  man can’t be Segun…On a careful look, I couldn’t believe my eyes, the Segun, I knew back in School then had a scar across his face, a scar he got from a fracas with a cultist over a girl…. and indeed the  scar was there, this is indeed Segun!!!
Shege! ” I manged to murmur, I hugged him and  couldn’t help it but I noticed the strong smell of his expensive cologne…

TJ, I am so sorry for the way my boys treated you, I did not know it was you, you look so depressed, what is the matter, what is the problem??

Shege!, I replied, Problem??? I don’t have a problem Shege, I have a truckload of Problems”  he smiled and patted me on the back and said “Okay, hop into my car, we can talk while we drive to my house.”

That was how I met Segun, my room-mate back at the University, and that was how I got introduced into the world of drug smuggling or trafficking as you may call it.

That day, before he dropped me off at my house, I had already made up my mind that I was and must make money, any means whatsoever, I will!!! Segun parted ways with me that day with a #100,000 gift and told me to come see him later that week at his residence in Lekki. After several months of “tutorship” from Segun and his aides, He decided that it was time I made my first trip abroad. Surprisingly, I did not see the danger in doing this, after all, I had seen so many of Segun’s boys go on such trips and come back home with tales of their success and exploits, I was looking forward to a better life for me and my family. The Night before my trip, my wife packed my bags for a supposedly “urgent business trip”  and after biding her and the kids goodbye, I set out for the hotel room to meet Segun and his aides… On getting to the hotel, I was welcomed by Segun and a couple of his friends, who quickly sat me down to give me some last minute briefings. The next morning, I had ingested a large sizable yet profitable amount of cocaine. My future was now in my hands, my destination was the United States of America…..

I did not have any problems at the International Airport in Nigeria, and once I was seated in the airplane, my confidence grew…..I  had never been on a plane before, as the plane was about to take off, I felt a slight churning in my stomach, I was hungry!!! I had been instructed neither to eat nor drink anything on the flight… So, I slouched a little on the chair and tried to close my eyes …. as  the hours flew by, so did my thoughts… we suddenly touched down at the JF Kennedy Int’l Airport, USA…. the hours indeed flew by, “I thought to myself”. I alighted from the plane and a fresh “whoosh of fresh , unfamiliar air brushed across my face, ” Wow, this is certainly America, I whispered to myself” with confidence I slowly followed other passengers into  the Arrival Hall to be checked in, it was a beautiful sight… way better than the airport back in Nigeria, it was massive as well… on entering the hall, I became jittery. I was perplexed at the site of so many uniformed officials and a dozen of dogs  which I assumed to be sniffer dogs, the fear of being caught was beginning to dawn on me…  I couldn’t afford to fail now,” I said to myself… I walked slowly to join the queue of the “Arrivals” I took a deep breath and tried to put up a bold face then all of a sudden……. I felt a hand tapped  me on my shoulder  I glanced over my shoulder and  I saw two men in  police Uniforms , and one of them stared right at me .. with a smile on his face, he said,”excuse me sir!, could you kindly step away from the line?”
Immediately my heart was in my mouth, my heart was beating so fast, I felt sweat coming down my brow, the police man stared at me and I could see a wary smile on his face, a smile that could only mean one thing; I HAD BEEN CAUGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!………………

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9 thoughts on “ToDaY’s GiSt- The Life Of A City Brawler “Episode 3”

  1. Wow! Nice writeup so far! TJ shouldn’t have taken ∂ easy way out o, I know it hasn’t been easy buh there’s always light @ ∂ end of a dark tunnel buh with this na double sh*t for him! Keep it flowing bro, thumbs up!

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