White Wedding- Nike + Bukky – Arch-Bishop Vining Memorial Cathedral Church (AVMCC) Hall

I must say this, the make-up artist, Bimpe Onakoya, is one of the most talented Professional make-up artist I’ve worked with since I started my wedding photography career some years ago! Well, you saw what she did to the bride’s face for the Traditional marriage. If you missed it, click here for the pictures

I had an amazing time photographing Nike and Bukky! This is the best wedding I’ve had the pleasure of shotting in a long time. Enjoy and please share! Cheers 😉


SAP_Wwed_N&B2013_002 SAP_Wwed_N&B2013_003 SAP_Wwed_N&B2013_004 SAP_Wwed_N&B2013_005 SAP_Wwed_N&B2013_006 SAP_Wwed_N&B2013_007 SAP_Wwed_N&B2013_008 SAP_Wwed_N&B2013_009 SAP_Wwed_N&B2013_010 SAP_Wwed_N&B2013_011 SAP_Wwed_N&B2013_012 SAP_Wwed_N&B2013_013 SAP_Wwed_N&B2013_014 SAP_Wwed_N&B2013_015 SAP_Wwed_N&B2013_016 SAP_Wwed_N&B2013_017 SAP_Wwed_N&B2013_018  SAP_Wwed_N&B2013_019SAP_Wwed_N&B2013_020   SAP_Wwed_N&B2013_021 SAP_Wwed_N&B2013_022 SAP_Wwed_N&B2013_023 SAP_Wwed_N&B2013_024 SAP_Wwed_N&B2013_025 SAP_Wwed_N&B2013_026 SAP_Wwed_N&B2013_027 SAP_Wwed_N&B2013_028 SAP_Wwed_N&B2013_029 SAP_Wwed_N&B2013_030


A cameo ;-)………… with the amazing Oga at the Top- Kelechi Amadi-Obi

SAP_Wwed_N&B2013_031 SAP_Wwed_N&B2013_033 SAP_Wwed_N&B2013_034 SAP_Wwed_N&B2013_035 SAP_Wwed_N&B2013_036 SAP_Wwed_N&B2013_037 SAP_Wwed_N&B2013_038 SAP_Wwed_N&B2013_039 SAP_Wwed_N&B2013_040 SAP_Wwed_N&B2013_041 SAP_Wwed_N&B2013_042 SAP_Wwed_N&B2013_043 SAP_Wwed_N&B2013_044 SAP_Wwed_N&B2013_045

SAP_Wwed_N&B2013_046 SAP_Wwed_N&B2013_047 SAP_Wwed_N&B2013_048

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6 thoughts on “White Wedding- Nike + Bukky – Arch-Bishop Vining Memorial Cathedral Church (AVMCC) Hall

  1. Beautiful pictures,Beautiful bride,sweet decor,flawless make-up,inshort everything was jst on point 4 dis wedding. Ajix did an amazing job. May I hav dat second gown plz? ❤

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