Traditional Wedding – Nike + Bukky – Arch-Bishop Vining Memorial Cathedral Church(AVMCC) Hall


This is one traditional wedding I enjoyed working hard on. Very light friendly venue….

Bukky is one of the few best friends have got…We became really close in 2011, Doyin (Our mutual friend, who lives in the States) did the magic. Nike is an amazing lady to photograph. She’s fun to be with, just like her hubby and a beautiful lady too. I had an awesome time working with them and their families.

SAP_WED_N&B2013_023 SAP_WED_N&B2013_022 SAP_WED_N&B2013_020 SAP_WED_N&B2013_019SAP_WED_N&B2013_021SAP_WED_N&B2013_025_001 SAP_WED_N&B2013_025SAP_WED_N&B2013_028 SAP_WED_N&B2013_029 SAP_WED_N&B2013_027

SAP_WED_N&B2013_041 SAP_WED_N&B2013_024


SAP_WED_N&B2013_031SAP_WED_N&B2013_033 SAP_WED_N&B2013_032SAP_WED_N&B2013_034SAP_WED_N&B2013_035SAP_WED_N&B2013_037SAP_WED_N&B2013_038 SAP_WED_N&B2013_039 SAP_WED_N&B2013_040 SAP_WED_N&B2013_001 SAP_WED_N&B2013_002SAP_WED_N&B2013_003SAP_WED_N&B2013_004SAP_WED_N&B2013_005SAP_WED_N&B2013_007SAP_WED_N&B2013_008SAP_WED_N&B2013_010SAP_WED_N&B2013_016SAP_WED_N&B2013_014SAP_WED_N&B2013_017 SAP_WED_N&B2013_015 SAP_WED_N&B2013_014 SAP_WED_N&B2013_013 SAP_WED_N&B2013_012 SAP_WED_N&B2013_011 SAP_WED_N&B2013_009

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