Titi + Dare- PreWedding


SAP_Prewedding_TD (5)

Woke up this morning (Well, that was when i came back from church *chuckles*) to see the picture of a bride i shot some coulple of weeks ago and it dawned on me immediately that i’ve not posted the pre-wedding pictures of the couple i shot some months ago. I apologise for posting these late……… I think it’s worth the “wait” *LOL*……..
It took us up to three months to set a specific date for the shoot, the groom is a busy man and the photographer too is a busy man (okay, allow me to wash myself na! its allowed abi?? :D)… Work and NYSC sha! Shuttling between Lagos, Abuja, Ilorin, Eket, P.H and Uyo aint a small something, it will come to an end soon by God’s Grace! insha Allah :)…. Story don dey plenty abi??… LOL… i will go straight to the point now!
We set 22nd June, 2013 out for the shoot! …. Started shooting at 5:30pm on a cool saturday evening! Titi and Dare were very easy to work with, Titi had all her poses intact, she just acts them out and i shot away! Happy couple, their was no dull moment at all. They got married couple of weeks ago! (wedding pictures coming soon! Watch this space!!!!!!!)

Special shout-out to Pam pam (Pamilerin) for helping with the light! thanks a bunch!

Had an amazing time shooting these pictures and i hope you like them too…..

Enjoy šŸ˜‰

SAP_Prewedding_TD_011 SAP_Prewedding_TD (6)SAP_Prewedding_TD (4) SAP_Prewedding_TD_008 SAP_Prewedding_TD_007 SAP_Prewedding_TD (3) SAP_Prewedding_TD (2) SAP_Prewedding_TD_012 SAP_Prewedding_TD_013 SAP_Prewedding_TD_014 SAP_Prewedding_TD (1) SAP_Prewedding_TD_009 SAP_Prewedding_TD_010

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