ToDaY’s PhOtO- Adebimpe + Olamide’s Introduction in Ibadan

I was in Ibadan to witness and cover one of my awesome secondary school friends’ introduction, Adebimpe Adigun… Real friends they say are people in our lives that never falter, leave us, or give up on us. Their mere presence in our lives can give us the much-needed boost, strength, and self-esteem to keep going on. Without them, perhaps our lives would be pretty dull, boring, and uninteresting. Having said that, let us not forget that friendship can be pretty darn awkward at times. I’ve been friends with Bimpe for more than 12 years and in between those years we have had our own share of drama and misunderstandings. But this is one relationship that has stood the test of time. She grew from the innocent, jovial, free-spirited, cute and brilliant young girl to the beautiful and amazing lady Olamide proposed marriage to.
I shouldn’t leave out this part- Last weekend was my first time in the ancient city of Ibadan… And it’s not as bad as people paint ibadan to be… Well, maybe the places I passed through.. Challenge, Molete, Mokola, Bodija, Apata and the Popular Premier Hotel (Brownie pulled me to this place.) Sat by the pool side and the pool looked like it had the whole of ibadan population in it!*too crowded*… And Yeah, Shop Rite opens real soon *winks*
I had an amazing time at Bimpe’s Big day, shooting with Layemi (Latrikka) was fun too and the little fun Ibadan offered me!

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9 thoughts on “ToDaY’s PhOtO- Adebimpe + Olamide’s Introduction in Ibadan

  1. Wow… Nice 1… Stii cnt biliv ds babes (we shildren of denadays) nw gettin married.. Ogaa we stii dey wait mk u lead road oooo… *winks*

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