Chinyere & Emeka- Wedding, BMO Event Center, Abuja.


Hey guys, at the beginning of the year I promised to post more pictures this year so here you go………….. I should have posted it long ago but network and power stay showing me pepper! but we are here now and you will see the pictures today 🙂

There was a twist to this wedding, unlike the normal 9am, 1oam church wedding service i’m used to, for a change, the church service was slated  to start for 2PM. I was surprised and also happy at the same time when I heard about the timing. The beautiful bride, Chinyere is a colleague’s cousin and she’s very down to earth and nice, we clicked almost immediately we met that morning. The make-up session started at about 10AM and we left for church (Stella Maris College Auditorium, Abuja). With the help of my colleague, Kelechi. I was able to move around and take pictures of interest while he focused more on the program. Just like any other wedding here in Nigeria, photographers were everywhere,- unlike before we would have fallen in the Photojournalist corner like Innocent and Annie’s Traditional Wedding but we were with the bride party  this time and partly for the whole event!

One big challenge was lighting at the reception venue, the lighting was so bad but why should I complain na :)….. Beautiful pictures must be made……

Enjoy……. Please don’t forget to use the comment tab! 😉

SAP_WedBlog_Chi&Emeka_016 SAP_WedBlog_Chi&Emeka_007 SAP_WedBlog_Chi&Emeka_002 SAP_WedBlog_Chi&Emeka_075 _MG_8331 _MG_8307 _MG_8312 _MG_8317 SAP_WedBlog_Chi&Emeka_009 SAP_WedBlog_Chi&Emeka_010 SAP_WedBlog_Chi&Emeka_011 _MG_8401 SAP_WedBlog_Chi&Emeka_014 SAP_WedBlog_Chi&Emeka_015 SAP_WedBlog_Chi&Emeka_018 SAP_WedBlog_Chi&Emeka_020 SAP_WedBlog_Chi&Emeka_021 SAP_WedBlog_Chi&Emeka_022 SAP_WedBlog_Chi&Emeka_026 SAP_WedBlog_Chi&Emeka_034 SAP_WedBlog_Chi&Emeka_039 SAP_WedBlog_Chi&Emeka_028 SAP_WedBlog_Chi&Emeka_040 SAP_WedBlog_Chi&Emeka_029 img2 SAP_WedBlog_Chi&Emeka_027 SAP_WedBlog_Chi&Emeka_042 _MG_8253 _MG_8866 SAP_WedBlog_Chi&Emeka_045 SAP_WedBlog_Chi&Emeka_047 SAP_WedBlog_Chi&Emeka_048 SAP_WedBlog_Chi&Emeka_049 SAP_WedBlog_Chi&Emeka_050 SAP_WedBlog_Chi&Emeka_051 SAP_WedBlog_Chi&Emeka_052 SAP_WedBlog_Chi&Emeka_054 SAP_WedBlog_Chi&Emeka_055 img1 SAP_WedBlog_Chi&Emeka_056 SAP_WedBlog_Chi&Emeka_060 SAP_WedBlog_Chi&Emeka_061 SAP_WedBlog_Chi&Emeka_062 SAP_WedBlog_Chi&Emeka_064 SAP_WedBlog_Chi&Emeka_066 SAP_WedBlog_Chi&Emeka_072 SAP_WedBlog_Chi&Emeka_068 SAP_WedBlog_Chi&Emeka_069 SAP_WedBlog_Chi&Emeka_070 SAP_WedBlog_Chi&Emeka_067 SAP_WedBlog_Chi&Emeka_073 SAP_WedBlog_Chi&Emeka_074

Make-up Artist- Belleza Makeovas

Event Center- BMO Event center Wuse 2 Abuja.


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