ToDaY’s GiSt- The Life of a City Brawler “Episode 2”

Hey folks!, hope you all enjoyed the first episode of this story…. Thanks for the comments and constructive criticism…. Keep them coming….. So, sit back, read and enjoy this episode….

Hell hath no fury! I rushed out of  my room and noticed that the bar right  beside my house had its generator on …I ran into the bar and a man with an indian hemp induced voice…. ” Mr Man! What is wrong with you, sit your drunk ass down, the  National lotto draw is on” 
Lotto? I asked myself, yea, lotto! That’s sure why I am here…. I sat down quietly, my heart racing a million times over… “has the winning number been announced?..” I asked the man sitting next to me” not completely, he replied….I glanced at the big Tv screen and noticed that
a commercial was running…. I eased down a bit , sweat trickling down the brows of my eyes and all over… Then I let my mind wander….
N100 million, I whispered silently…….. That kind of money would change my life …what would I do with it…??? Thoughts of different shapes and brands of cars raced through my mind…Range Rover sport, a Mercedes Benz , maybe a BmW?? But hey! I can’t drive that kind of car and still live in a slum such as this… A nice apartment on Victoria Island wouldn’t be a bad idea either… In my mind, I had spent and invested the N100million already…. Wheew!, ” waiter, please serve me a cold bottle of Farouyz” I called out…. The lady walked sluggishly and  handed over the bottle nonchalantly , I watched  with disgust…. ” do not worry, let me win this money first , then I’ll show you!” I thought to myself…
 My attention was drawn back to the TV screen, when the commercials were over, the presenter repeated” the winning  number  for this week’s draw is  8-9-2-1-3-7-0-0-1-4 …
  …. What! I choked immediately on the soft drink…. I coughed wickedly and managed to glance at the screen again, I couldn’t believe my eyes as I matched the numbers on the screen with the numbers on my ticket….. I jumped up, grabbed the bottle of Fayrouz and smashed it on the floor! Their Father! I screamed out loudly, I don win oooo! I screamed repeatedly …words could not explain how I felt… Me, TJ, a millionaire, I was in the clouds …. 
In an instant, I became conscious of where I was…. I turned and looked around… about 20 men with fierce looks on their faces were staring at me…. 
Then the devil among them spoke,” wetin una dey wait for , grab this man and let’s get that ticket!” ticket? What ticket, without thinking, I found myself in motion, my brain must have subconsciously communicated with my legs, because before they could realise anything, I was running as fast as Usain Bolt, and as I was doing this, I heard people shouting  ” ole! ole! ole! ( thief! thief! Thief!) …in an instant the whole community was after me… But I just wouldn’t  stop, with the ticket firmly clutched in my hand, I kept running for my dear Life…. Just as I thought I had gotten away, I saw a huge man right in front of me, then the last thing I heard and saw was a large whack of wood which hit me across my face…. And almost immediately, I blanked out……
I woke up to find myself in the BRT, choked  with the the putrid smell of someone’s warring belly…. Damn! It was just a dream… A bad! bad dream! The woman next to me turned and looked at me, ” are you alright?,she asked” Alright? Huh? Did she just asked if I was alright? I asked myself…Mssssscheeeew!…. I turned and noticed  the bus had gotten to my stop… I looked at the woman menacingly,
ignored her and quietly got off…. What in God’s name just happened.. A dream! That looked too real to be a dream, ” I said to myself.. I quickly, dipped my hand into my pocket and brought out the lotto ticket…. I glanced at the number , sighed and spat….
As I got home…. my wife was waiting arms akimbo…. She was ready to pounce…and pounce she did, she grabbed me by my shirt and started shouting as loud as she could…” you this yeye man, you left this house without dropping a dime… You won’t get into this house today if you don’t give me money” she said, I looked at her dangerously, brushed her aside and attempted to go in….and as her hands came out of my chest pocket, she brought out the ticket, ” so this is what you spend all your money on, Gambling abi?” I ignored her tantrums and switched on the tv , I increased the volume so it could probably drown hers… 
” you won’t say anything abi?” she
said” she tore the tickets , hissed then hurled more insults….
 I sank into the couch, ” life is so so hard I thought to myself… Why me? Whilst deep in thoughts….  The sound from the TV got my attention….and a familiar voice came on…
 A voice I had heard somewhere….
” the winning numbers for today’s grand national lottery is….. 8-9-2-1-3-7-0-0-1-4….
Daylight turned into nightmare, those numbers sounded and sure did look familiar….. I leapt from my seat and glanced at the torn pieces of my lottery ticket,I managed to piece them together and then the numbers couldn’t have been clearer
8-9-2-1-3-7-0-0-1-4 in pieces!

Guess what came to my mind?

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14 thoughts on “ToDaY’s GiSt- The Life of a City Brawler “Episode 2”

  1. This is nice, and alittle bit diff 4rm stuffs we read online, room 4 improvement, make me feel d story, right nw it still looks like a story, let me feel it and relate 2 it. Other than that nice wrk.

    • I think this is what ficiton does.. This isn’t a biography really its a good piece aimed at playing with the reader’s mind.. Good piece, nice twists, punny and clever.. Thumbs up to the writer!

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