ToDaY’s GiSt- The Life of a City Brawler

Hope y’all enjoyed Ajoke’s “Whose Juice Got bad’? ahhh, that story ehn O bad gaan…Kudos to my mentor Ajoke… Well… my name is Bode.. and errmmm not the Bode in Ajoke’s story ooooo (before una lynch me…lmao)… I just got inspired by omopuparodorodo’s skill and I decided to drop this one for una make una enjoy…make una no just read ooo…abeg make una drop comment sef ..Hope y’all enjoy this one too…

It was a sunny day, but the worst was yet to come, as I strolled tirelessly down the road to join a queue of eager BRT passengers, my mind strolled back to the events of the day… My name is Temitope Johnson, TJ as my friends and colleague fondly call me…I am 35 years old and  married with 2 kids….
At 6ft3 inches with a tough, tired look you could  not help but see through my pains… a graduate of Chemical Engineering from the prestigious Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife… Life hasn’t been fair on me at all… currently employed  as an assistant supervisor in a construction firm owned by Indians, Poor pay and harsh working conditions were the order of the day….
“Oga wey your money?” I was jolted back to reality by the BRT official who produced a ticket, I brought out my wallet and paid…after some few Minutes, I finally boarded the Bus and sat down close to the widow side ……finally seated, I was quick again to drift back into thoughts and yes …….I had a lot to think about…
Trouble was waiting for me at home, The kids school fees were long overdue…and unpaid, I sneaked out early this Morning to avoid being embarrassed by my wife…,”God! How long can I continue to live like this?, “I thought silently… I was drenched in sweat, the habitual Lagos traffic was taking its toll on me… I turned, then noticed the passenger sitting next to me, a fairly big sized woman, with an extra ordinary dimple….My wife has a dimple too, it looked nice on her always, at least when we are not at each other’s throat.. the smile on my face turned to that of concerned when the woman sitting next to me, brought out 4 eggs, she politely offered me some and I politlely refused with a smile.. she gobbled the eggs quickly to my amazement and produced a bunch of bananas immediately…
“Bananas! Eggs! what next? I wondered,” this “orobo woman” go finish me here today” I silently thought to myself…. I wouldn’t have to wait for too long….
The smell was horrible, the whole bus became instantly choky………… this woman don mess!!!!!!!!!!!!! the smell was very putrid, as if a rat had died in her stomach……
” Who do this kain thing?”, someone managed to murmur from the rear …The woman stared at me dangerously as the other passengers continued to rain curses on the culprit… I could not talk even if I wanted to.. I couldn’t risk lifting off the handkerchief I used in covering my nose and mouth
I could not offer enough prayers when I got off the bus, the hot wind slapped across my face….
I walked home , braced myself and prepared for the worst…. I live in a 2 bedroom apartment in the slums of Ajegunle. I was greeted by my daughters who hurriedly opened the door to welcome me…fortunately my wife wasn’t in when I got back home… where could she have gone to? I asked myself?” Well, at least i got a breather… I slipped onto the couch, do not be deceived, the couch was a “passdown” from my dad and by my calculations the couch is a decade old already, “Life is good” peple would say…hell No! that side of Life hasn’t been available to me for a while… as I turned on the TV, the announcement for the national Lottery winner for the week was about to come on…. a friend of mine had convinced me to buy a day earlier,” You should try your Luck, he said…who knows you might win”
With less than no Hope, I took out my ticket  and listened to the announcer on the TV;
” the winning number for this week’s 100 Million naira grand national lottery is 8-9-2-1-3-7,” I checked my ticket and all of a sudden my eyes lit up My ticket number was ….. 8-9-2-1-3-7-0-0-1-4, I listened attentively,for the announcer to read out the remainder of the numbers………. then NEPA struck!

*To be continued*

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MagPagne, Street, Akilo, Ogba, Lagos, Sniper Ajix Photography, Graphics: Debola for AMP 2013.

MagPagne, Street, Akilo, Ogba, Lagos, Sniper Ajix Photography, Graphics: Debola for AMP 2013.


12 thoughts on “ToDaY’s GiSt- The Life of a City Brawler

  1. Damn! These bloody NEPA fcukrs know how to make life miserable for peeps sha! Can’t wait for the rest of the story! Nice one!

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