ToDaY’s GiSt- Whose Juice Got Bad????? Episode 5

Hello peeps, how have y’all been? I should have been here earlier but I got caught up with business and didn’t have time for myself let alone go meet Feyisara herself.. I’m really sorry about that.. y’all know how we do,grab a seat and a drink…..
Well life had to continue, can’t bury myself in thoughts of having boyfriends alone or getting married when I have a career to think of amongst other things…… One day my mum called me from ibadan(that’s where my parents and sister live) and told me I had to come home in two weeks because my sister is gonna do her introduction.. wow!!! Does she even have a boyfriend?, I thought aloud… My sister, her name is Moyosoreoluwa. She is one hell of a very secretive person. I have never met her boyfriend ever and I mean ever but I’m def sure she’s not a virgin! Plus she has this “holier than thou” attitude hence we aint even that close and she’s my only sister! You know why? She judges me a lot and makes me feel like I’m not capable to handle relationships so I stopped involving her in my emotions or whatsoever! I kept on wondering, ehehen this babe wan do intro? issorite lemme call her atleast maybe we go know who the oko iyawo is(the husband to be)….so I called her and asked her…“(Me)- madam oga o, mumc say u wan do intro, who be the guy o (Moyo)-hmmmm can’t u even say congrats first haba (Me)*laughs* eti binu ma? Congrats dear, na sharp sharp? I didn’t even know you were seeing someone let alone introduction! No wahala sha (Moyo)- na so we see am o, anyways I’m pregnant! So we decided to do it fast before I start showing, you know every na..*laughing* (Me)- WHAT!!! Ehehen so you have been straffing??? I thought u were a V… hmmm wonderful, so what’s his name? What does he do? (Moyo)- V ko V ni, chillax joor, one question at a time, his name is OYE and he’s into oil n gas..that’s all for now, you’ll meet him when you come to IB.. (ME)- Why am I not surprised? Ok na..see ya in two weeks!*drops phone*

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The day finally came, I couldn’t go to Ibadan on friday cos I closed late so I went early on saturday morning, when I got home what I saw was bigger than I expected… It was like a big party, I just shook my head because I know it will be my mum’s she like afefeyeye(show-off) like that… Anyways, I greeted everyone and went to prepare.. The make-up artist did a very good job on my sister and she looked really beautiful…Then my mum called me to come and sit with them to receive our in-laws as they have arrived… So I joined them and everyone was seated..then the alaga(someone like the M.C) started talking and all that..then she read the introduction letter which read…”The family of Oladapo Agoro Of Ile-oba compound Ijebu-ode on behalf of our son…First the Agoro name rang a bell gbam! Wow I know someone with that surname…but then a lot of people bear the same surname so its nothing..then she continued..”Oyebode Agoro” would like to…yeeeee! What’s going on here? same name, same surname..immediately my stomach started running, I had to excuse myself to go and use the bathroom… You will think I ate beans before coming to IB cos I started purging immediately and I was feeling sick! I wasn’t sure yet so I went back to join my parents and family…then it was time for the husband to be to come in with his friends…my eyes almost popped out of its socket in anticipation..alas he came in and it was my own Bode from Coventry, the guy that took my virginity! He just looked through me like he didn’t recognise me, he had changed too but hey I won’t have to look twice to know he’s the one. A lot of thoughts were in my head already, how did this happen? where did they meet? how come I never knew anything till now! Where did I go wrong in life to deserve this?? Should I stop this intro? what will people say? that I’m an old fool who doesn’t want my sister to be happy! She’s pregnant already..haven’t I lost the battle? I was feeling so much heat inside AC, my eyes were red, I wanted to throw-up, I had to tell my mum I’m coming down with malaria so I went to my room,locked myself up..sat on the floor and wailed and wailed..I couldn’t raise my voice so I had to be chewing the pillow in pain and saying “why,why,why,why,…that was all I could say…how can my ex-boyfriend become my brother-inlaw? I thought of suicide immediately, then I realised that’s visa to hell-fire straight because I have no right to take my own life…I knew I had to say something so after the whole party ended, I went to my sister and I told her everything and she said “in a nut-shell I should call it off abi?” You can’t be serious.. Mum and dad must not hear about this, whatever happened between you guys is in the past ok! You were both young then, I love Oye(Bode) so much and I’m carrying his child, nothing can stop this! I’m sorry about your pain but sometimes things happen and we can’t explain..when u sef won’t tell me anything! Gosh I felt like slapping stupidity out of her! She sounded so insensitive…I asked her how they met, she said “at a party” and when we got talking, we realised we went to ISI (International School Ibadan) together one thing led to the other and here we re today… I asked her if she didn’t know his university and other things.. She said “ofcourse He told me Coventry but I just didn’t say you went there because I don’t know your “rep” there.. Before u pour sand for my garri! And I asked her if he never saw my picture or anything.. She said “he did and he never mentioned he knows you or anything, you know what Feyi? I’m tired now..the deed has been done, abeg let’s move on…that was the end of that conversation… I watched my sister get married to my first love and there was nothing I could do about it…now they have a beautiful daughter together and they are waxing strong while I am still here trying to hold a guy down…*sighs* I hope 2013 will birth my own man who will stay with me and wife me.. Y’all should say a prayer for me daily……… Thanks for keeping it locked down for 5weeks reading my story…till I come your way again,its your gurl Ajoke signing out with peace,love and ofada sauce…God bless!

***THE END***

About the Writer
Ajoke Olaide Olumide is from Ekiti state,
A Graduate of Psychology from University of Ado-Ekiti..
A Lady of many talents, she cooks, she cleans, she writes amongst other things.. Presently lives and works in Lagos..CEO of Fluxbridge Services.. A catering and cleaning coy..

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13 thoughts on “ToDaY’s GiSt- Whose Juice Got Bad????? Episode 5

  1. *WipesTears* mehn my handky is freaking wet already. I feel so sorry bout all u went through Feyi, trust me, dere are lots of girls who v had/ are having d same experience out there. But I pray u a good man, who’ll make everything worth it veeeery soon. Luv u xoxo *BurstsIntoTears*

  2. We all have those kinda “holier dan thou’ sisters!am sure she even knw both of u had a things 2geda in d past b4 u told her!#SMH#

  3. Eeyah!poor Feyi,its all good,God didn’t destined u guys 2gether ni nd as per d virginity u lost tru him,I dn’t tink dr’s a big deal abt dat,aimoye virginity lost tru some one or d other,#wink# just accept ur fate hun,nd always look b4 u leap nxt time,nobody is perfect though,may d good Lord see u thru,be good!

  4. Awww,so sad,jst hp d sister won’t be heartbroken at d end bt den,its her problem,atlst,u told her everyfyn,she is jst silly enuf not to mind.Luvly one Ajoke,so so proud of u and dis writeup.thumbs up dear

  5. Sorry bout dat sucks.but if I was ur sister,ama dump his ass and not even think twice.fuck the pregnancy!but don’t worry,one day will come wen u will thank God it all happened dat way.

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