ToDaY’s GiSt – Whose Juice Got Bad???? Episode 4

Hiya peeps, trust y’all are doing good… How’s work and love life? hmmm it is well with us all…. It’s your girl Ajoke again and I know some people have missed me :p ….You know how we do, grab a sit and a drink…Over to you Lady Feyisarawa…..
After I ended it with Dotun, life continued, nothing major….. toasters here and there but my mind kept on going to one person..”Fred” I’m sure you will be wondering who Fred is.. he is my highschool mate who asked me out in junior high but I found it absurd then because I was pretty young, what do I know about boys? but Fred was damn cute, quiet, intelligent and I heard his father was in the military then, dunno his rank though but he seems loaded and during lunch-time he will send me loads of snacks and money and my friends will be happy to take them once I reject them because I can’t be taking gifts from boys… hian I’m not a bad… Anyway, one day Fred summed up courage and told me he likes me and wants to be my boyfriend, I just ran away and I started to avoid him since then even though we were in the same class, shortly after then he stopped coming to school and I heard his father had been transferred to the north so he had to change schools…that was it but most times he will cross my mind and I will just sigh..This particular day I was thinking my life through, Fred crossed my mind again, I decided to search on facebook (facebook again ehn??? Don’t mind me o! Facebook is my own google 😀 ) if I will see his name and I did see a name that matched but no picture, no activity..ha! What kind of thing is this kwanu!! I decided to give it a shot and I sent a message to his inbox saying “Hi, is this Fred Omokhodion that attended…… my name is Feyisara, we were in class together in junior high, remember me? pls reply asap if its the same Fred.. cheers. Everyday I would open facebook to see if there’s a message from him (Fred) but none, I gave up after a week of waiting and just few days later………… I got a mail…..
My Runaway Bride,how are u? na ur face be this, you are still as cute as ever, why did u break my heart then? lol, pls drop ur number, would love to call u…Fred.. I was very happy,I quickly replied and dropped my number, 5mins later my phone rang.. The voice I heard was so smooth.. If u guys know “Nanya” of 93.7 that’s the way Fred sounds..“Hello runaway,good to hear your voice, you sound good..(Me)-hi dear, wow what can I say, you sound better, how’s work, wife and kids? (Fred)-work is good, I work in Enugu, I run an NGO but wife and kids? *pause*…. I’m still very much single, I bet some bad guys have kidnapped and “wifed” u shey? (Me)-hmmm nooooo, I’m single too joor, story for another day, so when are you gonna be in lagos? (Fred)wow, you’re single? are those guys blind? Anyway, should be in lagos soon, will call you before then, do take care of yourself and be good..(Me)-pls do call, take care..bye.. I started jumping, yay Fred is still single, maybe this is the chance I have been waiting for, maybe my Prince Charming has finally come home..different thoughts crossing my mind, maybe I will marry Fred since he had liked me from way back cut the long story short, two months after, Fred called me on a sunday evening that he was in Lagos, told him I was at “The Palms Mall” at that time and he said its too far from where he is that I should send my address and he will see me when I get back from work the next day, I told him I am on leave so he can come anytime. I couldn’t sleep that night, mixed feelings…….. Fred is coming tomorrow, OMG I have to create an impression, I will so make him want me, hmmmm…Monday morning, he called and said he will come in the afternoon, I was restless, cleaning up my apartment over again, I looked in the mirror a billion times..hehehehhehehehe (u can’t blame me na, I just want a guy to call my own)2pm, 3pm, 4pm I never see Fred, shuo! Afternoon don pass na and from what he said, his place is far from the Island and I live in Abraham Adesanya, when does he want to go back home? around 5.30pm, he called and said he’s at the gate, I quickly put on a bum short and a spaghetti top, perfume and I sprayed the house with air freshener and went to the gate, I opened it.. I didn’t see anybody, I was looking for his car, I saw no car..ha, where is this guy now.. I called again, he cut the phone and I heard someone say “over here” “huh! Sorry are u talking to me?” I said and he said..yes na…its me Fred or have I changed that much? I looked at the person talking from head to toe.. I wanted to faint, I gasped for air………you need to see what I saw!!!!
I saw this smallish looking guy with suffer lines on his forehead, he was clad in an ivory coloured satin shirt with big collar like that of a magician (he reminds me of muka ray in shirt) then the trouser… well I got confused as to the colour because I thought it was grey but on a closer look, its actually black, but its been washed and iron over time that you can see ‘gator’ lines and the fabric is turning to silk already! Then the shoes!!! Gosh, brown shoes wey don get stretch marks, looks like the type that iron benders wear to work covered with plenty dust! Oluwa o!!! What is this??? then he carried those yellow and black nylon bags that we use to carry pepper from the market! I had to quickly comport myself so as not to embarrass the guy more.. I gave him a side hug and asked him in, he was just complimenting me and I was there giving him a fake smile and secretly wishing he will disappear from my presence at once! What happened to this guy? Tho the face Is still there a little but it has aged.. oh no not again, why am I so unlucky? where will I start from with this one tori olohun! He then sat down, he said I didn’t know what to get for you so I decided to buy this on my way.. He reached for the nylon bag and brought out two loaves of sliced bread and one red wine.. lobatan, somebody help me… This is the height of “retardedness” (if there’s a word like that) who does that? sliced bread? “he for kuku buy akara join make e for complete!” I smiled and said “oh that’s so thoughtful of you”…as if that was not enough, he asked for the kitchen and I pointed to the door, he carried the nylon inside and came out with a bowl of garden eggs and groundnuts! The garden eggs were so big like pumpkin, and he started eating it with the groundnut, oh lord help me.. I’m losing it here, what kinda drama is this? I was dazed, I just kept on looking at him, shaking my head..suffer don hug this guy like fitted Armani suit! He just kept on eating the stuff and the smell was killing me, I just dey swallow saliva, dey try comport myself cos I damn well know I have to put up with this till morning cos he said he was gonna pass the night as he stays with his uncle at iyana iba.. that’s LASU area which is quite a journey from my end… He asked me if we can start a relationship and I said hmmm, I actually have a boyfriend, so I showed him Dotun’s picture, make he no just think am again, I dey find man bhet no be this kain I want, honestly I don’t know what went wrong with this guy o but he’s not repping at all…anyways the next day, I made breakfast for us and after that, I expected him to leave and he didn’t! I decided to dress up and go out, when I finished dressing, I told him I was going out and he asked if he can stay a bit because his people would have gone to work, hell gone already..I can’t survive one more night witcha! I told him I’m not coming back home that night so I dropped him at the bus-stop and left..chai person wey dey find wetin no lost go see many many things o..he sent me a text later that he would like to see me again, I didn’t just bother to reply.. ok now I have had enough! I leave it all to God to settle me in his own time because all these men are just bad investments for me now…

*To be continued*

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16 thoughts on “ToDaY’s GiSt – Whose Juice Got Bad???? Episode 4

  1. Chineke! Dis girl u r just too funny. Luv u much. Very good narative skill. Blowing u a kiss cus am laffing nd crying @ d same time

  2. Fred seems like the best of them least he was being real*errrrm… Thinking or maybe not.. Fingers crossed, highly anticipating the next episode.. Thumbs up Ajoke!

  3. Hahaahahaahahahahahah,lobatan all in the name of “I must get my own guy”.Lovely write up,@ ajoke you are gifted,keep it up!

  4. OMG!am laughing like crazy ere!he even wanted to chill @ ur place bcos his people had gone to work,is he a minor or wat!looooool

  5. Heheheheheheheheeh,Fredi Fred,Feyi,why na,u shld av said yes na,*holds laff*.But funny enuf,I stil av a feeling smfyn is abt to go down dat wld knock everyone,even Feyi,off her feet.Good one my very own Ajoke,*kiss*

  6. Hehehehe…God knows I can’t get over that slice bread and garden eggs panarama. Fredo!! Lmao. Feyi weds Fred would av made sense sha, FeyisaFred2013… *Drooling*
    Babes jokes apart now *HoldsLaugh* u need to chill out, God’s best will come ur way soon IJN :* :*

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