ToDaY’s GiSt- Whose Juice got Bad?? Episode 3

Hello dearies, how have you been? second week in 2013 already, how’s the year fairing? I see loads of goodies, favour, blessing, all round success for someone with the loudest Amen.. Aaaaaaaaaaamen!!! Ehehen sniper said you all have been asking for the concluding part of “Whose Juice Got Bad” hmmm Feyisarawa dey vex gan, she said you guys just read and don’t post comments.. and she needs feedback so as to know if its worth telling the story to the end or not and seriously y’all should atleast drop a comment, let’s encourage her, give a little back to her as well…
Moving on.. Life is full of ups and downs, only the strong can survive this cold cold world.. Hmmmm.. It’s still your girl Ajoke and I’m gonna leave it to Feyisara to continue from where she stopped… Grab a sit and a drink (don’t let the drink spill on your PC or phone o 😀 )…its gonna be a long one….. I saw a mail……
Hello baby,
I’m worried…. been trying your mobile and house phone and its not going through.. Where are you? Please get back to me ASAP.. Love u baby…xoxo

I went to his sent items and I saw his reply…..
Ololufemi(my love)
I’m sorry, I’m not in the uk right now, had to rush to the middle east for a business meeting, will call you as soon as I get a functional phone.. Love you right back..Dee…

I checked the email add of jubaby and it was “ so I knew her name had to be “Jumoke Bello” so I went to facebook to search and behold it brought out her page, I saw a picture that had two ladies in it so I got confused…. but I knew it had to be one of them, location was “lagos,nigeria” that’s all I could view cos she had privacy on.. I just opened my mouth “yakata” all the while and was like “Why does it keep happening??” why did he have to lie to me? I couldn’t sleep, I kept on tossing and turning, I made up my mind to get to the root of the matter…… The next day we went shopping again,we went to a designer shop and he asked me to pick three bags, one for myself, one for his mum and one for his sister and I did, I picked a pink chloe bag for his sister and he said “excellent choice, I like” and I just smiled, we went to the “wristwatches” section, he bought another three and there was this very fine pink wristwatch and he asked if matching it with the pink bag for his sister was gonna be fine and I was like “oh yea” and on and on like that… there was this particular Gucci slippers we saw and he quickly picked one for his sister which is a size 41, I asked for one and they didn’t have another 41 cos I’m also a size 41, all they had left was 42 and 40, I begged him to let me take the 41 he chose for his sister and he said “No love I can’t do that, just take the 42 like that, its just gonna be slightly bigger” I wasn’t so happy but since I wanted a pair desperately I took it like that… We bought some polo tops (ralph lauren) some for me and some for his sister.. Apparently we are same size so it was easy to shop for her…. When we got back home, I fell into a mood cos of what I saw the previous night and he asked what was wrong, I said nothing.. then I asked about his girlfriend and any possible sign of reconciliation between them and he said “Never,I have gat you now” and I simply smiled…after 10days of rendevouz, he returned to the UK and I came to Nigeria. One evening, he called me that his sister was gonna come get the stuffs off me and I said ok… I have never met her in person so I didn’t know what I was expecting, anyways at about 8pm she came around, pleasant girl, very friendly and all but what baffled me was that she looked pretty small for someone who was gonna be wearing my size… She looked like a size 8 and I am a 12! Nevertheless I gave them to her and she left… I forgot about the whole issue and things went back to normal till one day I went to UNILAG with my friend to check someone at Moremi hostel, on our way out I saw one babe and the face struck me! I knew I had seen that face before, luckily someone said hi to her and she crossed over to QSS… I went to meet the babe that said hi to ask and I was like “Sorry that babe you said hi to looks like one of my high school mate but I’m not sure, pls what’s her name” the girl said “Are u a shaggy babe(FGGC Sagamu) and I quickly said yeah and she said she is too and her name is “Jumoke Bello” and I said yes! “Jubaby right” the girl said yes..Jubaby.. Ewoooo!!! My hands started shaking, meanwhile my friend was waiting by the car, I called her to open facebook straight away on her phone and search for the name ‘Jumoke Bello’ and meet me at QSS… She met me there, low and behold, the face matched the babe standing at QSS, not only that, she was wearing one of the Polo tops and Gucci slippers Dotun supposedly bought for his sister! Men are bastards..I’m not sorry to say that.. Did I tell you guys I paid for my ticket to Dubai? and dis he-goat made me choose clothes for his babe and put them on my head to nigeria..*sobs* I have been used yet again…my friend was just there shaking her head.. I picked up my phone and called Dotun and he picked…. “hi baby” I said “Hello love, I’m at UNILAG now and standing not far from me is your babe “Jumoke Bello” he went quiet for sometime and I said “talk na idiot” he said “Pls don’t jump(beat) my girlfriend, just leave her out of this” chai it dawned on me that he really did love her, all I said was “May God be nice to you the way you were nice to me” he couldn’t talk, I said “say amen na” he said “so u went to UNILAG looking for Jumoke, damn ure unbelievable” I replied “its God that wanted to expose you because I had no jubaby in mind when I went to UNILAG. Have a good life” I hung up the phone and that was the end between me and Angel Lucifer called “Dotun” Ladies when you are in pain or you feel low, seeking solace in the next guy is not the solution, they all want to console you to bed! Be wise…Well you might think its over for me… It only just began…will be back soon for the next episode of “whose juice got bad”

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31 thoughts on “ToDaY’s GiSt- Whose Juice got Bad?? Episode 3

  1. oh no! not again feyii. well, i fink she’s not just lucky with men but then we all have stories to tell. everyone to its tales. it is well with her, she shld keep her head up. there’s tym 4 everytin. her man wld locate her in due tym. but she shld just look b4 leaping…………. nyc stuff in here boogie, kudos!

  2. Hmmmm I Love dis Episode…. Nice one,Men tho? Only God can judge em. Unstable. Creatures!!! Cnt wait 4 da next Episode. M out. Peace

  3. Mehn, ko le daa fun okunrin! Dontchu get? They r bastards nd waste of vagina walls! Buh u sef u slow small, like aint u supposed to knw dos gifts were for jubaby?

  4. One thing I admire is ur strength, d way u always move on from shit easily…. Really no one would av said u were not patient enough before u got in wiv dotun, bastard na bastard, dey can wait 10years. I’m loving d thrilling suspense tho, but please don’t let heads scatter in anticipation o ajoke. Thumbs up

  5. I thought I was bad,but reading these episodes makes me feel like a saint already!some men are just heartless without reservations!

  6. I thought I was bad,but reading these episodes make me feel like a saint already!some men are just heartless without reservations!

    • Lol,usually I don’t do this..had to reply u..the first episode happened when the character was in 100lvl in the. Uni in the uk! This 3rd episode,she was already done with schl and back to 9ja..things change so does body size…thank you

  7. You gotta b kidding me! Suspense again???!!! I can’t believe I’m just visiting dis blog…I love it already! I had my heart in my mouth d whole time! The suspense is KILLING!!!

  8. This is just crazy…… Ajoke killed it big time..the Suspense is just the ladies a big time lesson… But the funny tin is that with this they won’t still learn….. Very sad tho but der is alwys two side to a coin @dsame time..roger dat# ajoke much love anytym …..GT say so am out# peace

  9. Nd he actually said she went to “jump” his girlfriend even said Amen!!!!!Even used her as a courier messanger to deliver stuffs to his gal !Can guys ever b different!they just d same wit different names!

  10. I swear guys aree bastards,big motherfuckers.its just so annoying cus we gats deal with their shit all the time.but ajoke dear,I know there is still one special guy out dere for u.just dat we meet a lot of frogs before we actually see the good ones.

  11. I guess as much!babes I understand ur plight,eeyah sowieeee,open ur head now,its not once bitten twice shy again,it is now once bitten one million shy now ok,try to find ur solace with God nd not men ok,no body is perfect but dis time take ur time sis,nd look b4 u leap ok,God is ur strenght#peace#

  12. this is a good story. Y’all ladies shud find out abt a guy whos really nice b4 u jump in2 conclusion that he’s a God sent angel.

  13. May dat Jubaby rot in hell…Guyz una dey try oooo! Haba Dotun Na Depotation Be Ur Portion O!!! Ajokebaby ure mouthed…..Mmmmuaaaah

    • D Jubaby hs no fault o,she is just innocent in all d scenario,Dotun is d dog head,nd mumu lover girl dat didn’t look b4 she fell into d devil’s net again!be wise nxt time babes although no one is perfect but seek God first in all ur doings#peace#

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