ToDaY’s GiSt- Whose Juice Got Bad??? Episode 2

Happy New Year peeps, may 2013 be good to us… So tell me, any new year resolutions? I’m sure loads of peeps have a very long list of resolutions…hmmm, don’t be too hard on yourselves o, most resolutions end just after the first week.. My resolution is to impact lives in anyway I can and I’m gonna double my hustle to achieve that… Anyways, its your girl Ajoke again, hope y’all enjoyed the first part of “whose juice got bad” hmmm, things are happening all your comments and everybody seem to be pointing fingers at Titi! Well let’s hear from the horse’s mouth..Over to you Feyisara…
So I was like “who??? And he said ….”Matilda”…I had to rub my eyes to be sure I wasn’t dreaming.. the only Matilda I know is a white, black wanna-be girl.. could it be her? So I asked him to actually bring me out of my mystery and say the truth and he was like “its Matilda..the one we all know”. Wow, I was in shock! I felt cold shivers down my spine..I couldn’t talk for like 5mins.. I said “so are you leaving me for a white girl” Damn..and he said “so what if she’s white? its just the colour difference” she has a wonderful personality” can you guys imagine that? I was like “Ok cool..but tell me, all the ‘I loves you'(s) and the nice stuffs you did with me, was any of that real? or you just wanted my body” and he said “hmmm the only constant thing in life is change.. Yea, I did love you or I thought I did but I’m not just in that place no more, please try and understand..You are such a good girl, I’m sure you will find someone for you soon” Honestly I wish I could rip his heart out and feed him with it but I just kept cool.. He said he would like to take is leave, then I said “we aint enemies anyways, let’s hug and say goodbye and he was like” oh cool, don’t you just have a good heart” and he hugged me,in the process I gave him a very serious bite on his neck, he screamed..”Witch” he was bleeding,I felt good and I walked away..
I’m sure you guys would have thought I cried after that night but I didn’t..I had gotten my healing from the fact that I had confirmed my fears.. It wasn’t easy though but I had to move on..all I did was bury myself in my books and I did things that made me happy but I didn’t have any boyfriend again till I left…. I never gave a hoot about matters of the heart till 3yrs ago when I met this guy(Dotun) via Facebook.. He comments on a lot of my posts and we became regulars on that blue page.. One day I woke up with a mood and I saw how lonely I I wrote this on facebook “This life is not fair..Love used me as a lab rat, will I ever fall in-love again”. Then someone called me on the phone and spoke to me saying “don’t ever give up on yourself or anything for that matter, you need to make mistakes to get it right, one mistake is not enough for you to conclude that certain things won’t work for you” I felt good and I was like “who is this” he said “don’t worry, just wanted to console you in my little way” he hung up. I was so excited, I wanted to know who called me, the voice could melt a stone! The person called me severally, may I please add that he has been calling me with an unknown number all the while.. Somehow, each day I would hope that this person would call again..I kept guessing “who can this person be” so I went on facebook and wrote “I met an angel only I don’t know which of the angels he is..I just wish he would tell me his name and where he is from before this curiosity gets the best of me”….Thirty minutes later my phone rang..this time its a +4477… Number, that’s a call from the UK, I concluded it might be one of my ex schoolmates until I heard the person’s voice.. He said “Hello” gosh..I said “hi I know you’re calling from the UK but please who are you??… he said ” This is Dotun, your facebook friend” I started laughing, omg so it has been you all the while… The thing is, we were close on facebook basically because he comments on my post but we don’t have each others number or any of such contacts.. Na so me and Dotun start our online love o, he calls me nothing less than 10times a day, we will talk and talk and I use to fear for his phone bill and how much he spends on “topup”.. He started sending me gifts through his friends that come into the country at different times, it felt like fairytale and I was like “am I dreaming”. Though I told him about my past and told him he’s the reason why am giving love a trial and I said if my heart gets broken again, I might die… He assured me that I have got nothing to fear, he said he use to have a babe in Naija but it wasn’t working so technically he is single..that’s fine with me and we continued. Dotun is a very funny, loving, caring guy with a very good sense of humour.. Most times I forget the fact that our love is across the ocean,it felt like he lives with me…… After few months we decided we wanna meet each other and we chose dubai since both of us have been to the uk and we have never visited dubai so we made it Arabian I couldn’t sleep a night before I was to travel, I was excited and I had so much in my head like “what if he doesn’t look the way he looked in the picture, what if he has no legs, what if he’s a serial killer, what if he has mouth odour and what if He Has a Baby Willy!!!!!!
Well around 11:15am wednesday morning, I got on the plane to Dubai and 9hrs later I was already at the Dubai International Airport…bearing in mind that this is my first time meeting Dotun in person so I kept looking round and every guy there looked like Well, I decided to wait and let him find me and he eventually did..awww he was even finer than he was in the pictures..we hugged each other and entered the car straight to the hotel. I was already grabbing on him in the car like a hungry lion, he told me to chill and let’s get to the room first… you can’t blame me now, I haven’t been with a guy for sooooooooooo long! Eventually we got to the room and he tried to talk to me and before he could say jack again, I pounced on him..we kissed and smooched and I tried to make him do it but he said I should go shower first because of the long flight.. mtcheeew, I was disappointed and I decided to do as he said.. So I removed my clothes and was walking towards the bathroom in my pant and bra and he grabbed me from behind..y’all know the rest..*wink* Dubai was good with us, we went shopping and sight-seeing and one night I decided to look for what wasn’t lost…. We share the same computer because I didn’t bring mine to dubai.. Anyway, he used the computer earlier and he forgot to sign out,he was already asleep when I decided to check my mail so when I saw he didn’t sign out a thought came into my mind..I decided to go through his email…I clicked on the first mail, the second, the third and the fourth.. then something interesting caught my eye…………

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20 thoughts on “ToDaY’s GiSt- Whose Juice Got Bad??? Episode 2

  1. #lobatan#hope it is not love trick again dis second time,is mnt to be once bitten,twice shy oooo,dn’t let me conclude yet#wink#

  2. Hnmmmm u av started again ooo wid yha suspence. Neways, I like wat u did to dat bastard *dont wanna rmb his name* bur, em em, dis dotun seems to b intresting ooo nevertheless I hope he has’nt got any skeleton in his wardrobe.

    Patiently waiting 4 d last saga!
    Keep it up boogie.

  3. But seriously,guys are full of doesn’t matter hw long u’ve known him,hmmmmm,every guy is cool until u start getting curious nd nosey..sha be make sure ur shock absorbers are intact..

  4. Basically its not too complex. She’s probably ignored like 2 or 3 guys that would marry the fack out of her. But for one reason or the other (shyness on the fellaz part, not her type, she was still hurting, etc) it didn’t happen. But here’s the koko- it happens to MOST OF US. So she shld just chill and let the plan work out. As long as she’s hawt like that she’ll be good @ d end of d day.

  5. Like seriously??????? I thought dis was gonna b d final saga! Errr, Dotun is cheating I guess! All dotun’s are like that u know? ๐Ÿ˜‰ I had my experience wit one. Mehn, nice job.. Can’t wait again puleaseeee

  6. Gosh!!! Dis suspense is killing me ooo…Good 4 Bode u should av squeezed his balls too….As 4 ur FB Lover hope he isn’t a married man coz ko ni funny o…Keep It Up Darling U Rock!

  7. Lmaoo!!! I like the way u bite that idiot on his neck that serves him right *smh* but sis why nah, I dnt like suspense..I guess dotun is married? Pls make the concluding part very fast o cos I can’t wait …nice job kip it up *kiss*

  8. Ohhhhhh,ajoke nauuu,dis weekly suspense is killin joor,lol.I jst hp dis girl won’t start killing guys tho,cos am sure she saw smfyn on dotun’s laptop dat wasn’t meant for her to see…grt job dear

  9. Omg dnt tell me dis is anoda suspense?gosh..I guess he was married rite?hmm guys sha,y can’t dey ever be real?dis blog is d hottest,can’t wait 4 d concluding part..

  10. Nice stuff,hope the sex was good *winks*.newaiz am glad u caught ur fun but hope dis one won’t mess up aswell.and yet another suspence!

  11. OMG!dis suspense is too much ooooo.don’t tell me d Mr toogoodtobetrue guy is actually married/in a serious relationship wit kids sef,loool.sweety pls send d concluding part nAaaaaaa.

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