ToDaY’s GiSt- Whose Juice got Bad??

Hello divas and divos,ladies n gentlemen..been a minute…let me start by saying compliments of the season..2013 will be great with all of us.. :D. So tell me,how was christmas with you all? mine was quiet..I decided to respect myself this year cos of what happened to me last year christmas..anyways story for another day…Meanwhile did any of y’all attend the kokowaka? oh sorry koko-crusade..hian..I meant koko-Walk of fame? oooooooooh damn..koko concert jare.. :p reminds me of the israelite journey,oh boy..the testimonies weren’t great at all..heard there was this particular babe that went with a size like that of Monique..and returned home looking as slim as Kate Moss.. lmao…anyways accept my sympathy…I believe next year concert will be better,the funny thing is that you people will still attend. Awon eran iya *ask a yoruba person for interpretation* =)) because we nigerians are quick to forget loads of things…………….. Pardon my manners,a quick introduction, My name is Ajoke and if y’all remember “The Glittering Panda” I wrote that, been busy cooking and cleaning all this while and yea I’m back with another story..True story not a ‘Cool’ Story..not fiction so grab a seat and a drink…let’s go…
Only one saturday left in 2012 and the saturday na today, I’m still single..I don’t have a friend with benefits let alone a boyfriend or a fiance…. Gosh!!! What is really happening to me……*sips moet* BTW my name is Feyisarawa and my friends call me FY,I was born in the 80’s to a family of 4,my dad,mum,my sister and I…I went to one of the best secondary schools in Lagos and proceeded to University of Coventry after which I returned to serve my Fatherland and presently work in a telecom company here in lagos…*sighs*
My only sister Moradeke got married last year to her high school sweetheart,it was glamorous, I almost died of envy and I kept on wishing it was me… I didn’t know how bad I felt until the wedding album came out and I saw the fake smile I wore all through..damn…not like I wasn’t happy for my only sis but hey I shoulda been the one..we are yorubas! I should set the pace and She should follow abi I lie ni???
Well I have had a couple of relationships but it just didn’t work out and I kept wondering if something was wrong with me or are the men in Lagos crazy? Tell me how do u make a man put the ring on it! I’m 5ft7,chocolate skin, 36D boobs,38 hips that don’t lie..I speak very well,I can cook well atleast reasonably like a normal girl and SEX with me is good..this aint self wash, atleast I hear “oh baby you’re the best” each time that happens so tell me what is really wrong???
I met Bode in my first year in Uni, rich kid from a prominent family in Ogun state, we were not in the same department but we always meet at the train station most times..every ‘Naija’ girl in school then was crazy about him and that made me beef him the more cos I was wondering what is the fuss bout this guy sef,ok rich kid ehehen make we go fly inside ocean? Mtcheeeewww *rolling my eyes* Anyways one day I was at the library, it was almost empty that day so there was room for privacy..I noticed someone pulled a chair beside me but didn’t look up to see who it was, its not my business as we are in the library to read and not look around..then I heard “hello Cutie”, I turned and my heart skipped! I almost fell of the chair..OMG,its Bode!!! What I didn’t understand was why would my heart skip?? I thought I hated this guy! Well I said a cold “Hi” with a straight face and he was like “happy reading babes” see you around and he left…I was so disappointed..I thought he would start a conversation or something but the “bumboclat” (I don’t really know what that means but…..) just walked away!!!8-|
I couldn’t get my mind off him since then and guess what? he never spoke to me again even when we have met severally..gosh I was losing my mind and I started blaming myself for acting the bitch when he came to me…I was hoping and praying for another chance, BTW..there is this babe called Titi who was in the same department with Bode,they were so close and we all concluded that they were dating..Titi and I are just acquaintances so I didn’t know much but what I do know is that I was very jealous of Titi and sometimes when she says ‘hi’ I almost wouldn’t wanna answer!
It was Titi’s birthday and she invited me, I wasn’t keen on going because I knew Bode was gonna be there and I can’t stand the lovey-dovey they might be rubbing in my face! But it seems everybody that mattered where going so I decided to go and make a statement.. I made up my mind to dress to kill and impress, did I tell u I had one of the hottest legs in Coventry then? *winks* well now you Know :D…. I went into my closet,brought a very short Zara vintage dress and a pair of Ted Baker sandals and hey I was looking so fab that night..the dress flaunted my curves and hey everyone was starring..when I entered,I didn’t see Him (Bode)….I was disappointed, I was looking around like I lost almost affected my mood but I made up my mind to have fun regardless…then the DJ played Rihanna’s “please don’t stop the music” my tune of life,I got up to shake what mama gave me and as I was doing that, someone held me by the waist from behind..ur guess is as good as mine, it was Bode,I quickly smiled make I no go f*ckup like the other said “damn you are a goddess babe, who styled you” I just kept smilling cos I dunno what I would say and he will walk away for another one year and hell I can’t have that.. We danced and talked and talked and he said “I really like you but damn ur shakara na world class” and I just rolled my eyes and he was like “why” I said “gosh you are so full of yourself, who are you trying to game when its a common knowledge that you’re with Titi” and he laughed for awhile and I was just there looking..he said “I will be right back” and I was like “damn you FY u have dunnit again,he has left” 😥
After few minutes,he returned with Titi and said “meet Titi my family friend, hey Titi tell her how much I like her” and She smiled and said “you’re not serious o Bode, I know FY now else why would she be at my party..he has said a lot about you dear and he really likes u..that much I know..gat to go” and she left! I felt very relieved atleast I have confirmed my fears about them so I can relax……………. That was how it all started with Bode,we were always together after class,he showed me love in every way, we did everything lovers do but we never had sex basically because I was a virgin and I was scared that if I let him in, he would leave me afterwards…he wasn’t pushy bout getting down but one thing he told me was “FY I’m a guy and this is what we do..if a guy only wants to get down with you,he doesn’t mind waiting for 10yrs to get it and once he does, he moves on and a guy that wants to keep u,even if he sleeps with u on the first doesn’t change anything,he will keep you”. Then I thought to myself,what am I waiting for?I love this guy and he loves me too..I will let him do it…..On my birthday,I had a get together in my room and all my friends were there except Bode, it was awkard and they kept asking,where is your prince charming and I said “I believe he will show-up” my party started at 2pm and by 9pm the last person left and still no sign of Him..I was perplexed,I wanted to cry,I tried calling but his number was switched off and it was raining that night,I already gave up on the fact that he was gonna show-up! As I was cleaning up the plates,my doorbell rang and I went to open up and there my bobo was standing in the rain with an umbrella and a gift bag..I couldn’t be bad no more,I just hugged him and I said “baby where have u been” and he was like “I was preparing to make tonight special” duh!!! What the hell does that mean?I couldn’t careless,my prince charming is here and that’s all that matters right now.. He helped me with the cleaning up and we decided to go spend the night at his place… That was one of my best nights,everything was in place..I remembered telling him “Bode I’m scared” he said “FY are you sure you really wanna do this? You have nothing to be scared of,I love u and I promised to be gentle on you” true to his words,he was gentle on me and I loved every bit of it..yea I gave my virginity to Bode… Everything was good with us for about a month and things started to change…he was always giving excuses why he didn’t pick my call or why he didn’t show up,before we had sex then,if he tells me he will come at 2pm,trust me 2 on the dot,my door bell will ring and it will be him,I wonder how he does that..but now,2 becomes 7 or never… It was really affecting me and I would cry myself to sleep most went on and on like that and it became top gist within the 9ja circle in school..I wasn’t loving this. Finally I pleaded with him to atleast let us have a decent conversation,I need to know what’s up..he agreed and he said we should meet at a park and I asked why couldn’t he come over,he said he’s busy and he would just rather we meet there..fine! I went there and met with him, I gave him a piece of my mind from Genesis to Revelation and he just kept quiet! Then I asked him to say something,with a deep sigh..he said “FY I’m seeing someone” for a minute I didn’t understand what that meant and I was like “seeing in what way,dating??” he was like “well not really but maybe”:O I was like oh my God who!!!:'( :O and he said “……………. Wanna know who? keep it locked down on Sniper Ajix Photography’s blog..I need to rest my head now..later love

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32 thoughts on “ToDaY’s GiSt- Whose Juice got Bad??

  1. Oh no dnt tell me u hanging ur boot boogie. Nooooooo I wanna see d end of dis story. I mean I wanna read d rest plssssss. I’m on ecstacy already. L̳̿Ö̤̣̇☺ː̗̀(=)))ː̖́☺Ö̤̣̇L̳̿ , anyways nice one. Bur pls do put up d rest I just hope its not dat same so called family friend of ur boo? Bode must pay for it if finally she was d person.

  2. i love d revelation tht “sex or no sex, you may be wifed or not”. true that!

    pls leav Titi out. but if shes d nu gurl, she prolly jst wants a piece of Bode’s action n did d right thing by helpin Bode get FY’s piece. Simple diplomatic practise n everyone is (or should b) happy

  3. Can’t wait to read d concluding part!!!!!!!am guessing titi is d problem ere(rolling my eyes)nice piece hun,u always kill it!

  4. Mehn! I read this in the morning nd I jus had to read this the 4th time jus to leave @least a commEnt! Shetit, it can’t be more than titi!!! Well, mayb not. Ohmy, I forgot to add… This story is….:x I no sabi english x_x

  5. I think I no whre d story is gonna end… He’s datin dat titi babe sheeey….. Damn!!!! Ajoke u really knw ow 2 kep sm1 in suspence… Lol…. + u reminded me a litle part of me wit ds ..

  6. Truth be told,this dude is just soooooo mean!kilode???!!!can’t wait for the concluding part,sure titi’s a major character here too

  7. Welcome to the world of the players my so sure the babe is titi,he just wanted to “enter the place”.but the funny thing is that they never go free,sooner or later karma is gonna be his guest.

  8. Wat an interesting story….guyz will do n say anything to get inbtw our legs..We Ladies should b extremely careful not to fall in2 wrong hands. Anyways FY,life goes on n I know ull find ur Mr Right someday! Bode Bode Nemesis go soon hug u o! Can’t wait to read d last episode. Thumbs up Dearie.

  9. Wow!cool story,nice write up,hmmmmm,life is full of surprises,people change.F.Y,move on,I’m sure ur prince charming took d wrong turn,he will find u.itching for wat follows

  10. Well,lovely story.guess u were showing too much of love or attention to him or maybe he just wanna see ur reactions he might not be in any I guess its not titi

  11. Wooow.. Nice Piece..nice stylistics as well.. Hate the fact that I have to wait for the next episode, but hey I can’t wait either.. Good Job Ma’am.. By the way.. My name is Bode, and I hope some Feyisarawa isn’t reading this..lmao.. Thumbs up!

  12. Wooow.. Nice Piece..nice stylistics as well.. Hate the fact that I have to wait for the next episode, but hey I can’t wait either.. Good Job Ma’am.. By the way.. My name is Bode, and I hope some Feyisaara isn’t reading this..lmao.. Thumbs up!

  13. Lol, oldest trick in the book. Giving a dude ur virginity won’t keep him. Best is to enter into a relationship with an open mind that one day it will end even if its caused by death and be ready to forgo all u’ve invested in it, be it virginity or whatever. Brilliant work, thirsting earnestly for the sequel.

  14. Fantastic write up ,very cathy I most say…..thumbs up ajoke am really digging it… And hunmmmmmm I hope its titi bode is seeing ooooooo from the sound of it fy go get kolo small oooo… Chai can’t wait to read more on this interesting reality based…

  15. Lemme guess? He had started seeing Titi abi? All these oniranu men out there these days!! Lol! It was a nice read though, looking forward to the concluding part.

  16. @redberry am so sure its titi..he just entered into motirayo”s life 2 use her nd dump her..he only wanted sex..jeez guys are so mean*sobbs*

  17. Wow dis is such an interesting story..kudos 2 d writer,she did a good job..d story held me spellbound nd I just wish it wudnt finish..pls wen is d concluding part of dis story gonna crop up?can’t wait

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