ToDaY’s GiSt- The Glittering “Panda” Finale

The comments from yesterday still cracking me up…..Una mind ehn! Chai!!! SMH!!! Straight to the business of the day! ………. A lot of things flashed through my mind and I was like “how come I didn’t suspect anything” which explains those calls from his parents… Because friday was his engagement and they need him to be with them very early! Means he’s gonna wife another and he decided to use me as “send-off” from bachelorhood! Hmmm,you would have thought I cried or did something stupid but no,I never cried for once because the hurt was too much for me to even cry….”I just sent him a text and I wished him happy married life and I told God to be kind to him the way he was kind to me”. He went to America with his wife and after a while he mailed me and apologised to me and I was like “its ok”. He sent me a request on Facebook, I accepted it and right now he’s on my bbm. I’m sure some of you will be “smh’ing” for me right now but really if I don’t speak to him anymore, does it change anything???….. NO! It doesn’t, because I don’t know what God has saved me from, I might not be happy in the marriage or something worse, you can never know……and of course he’s not my MAN cos if he WAS,no one can take him away from me…
Looking back, I’m thankful that I didn’t get married then because really I wasn’t matured enough, not age this time but my mind and it would have felt like bondage to me because there was so much in life I still needed to explore but I thank God for my faith in him cos he was the only one I could look up to at that point and he didn’t disappoint me….
So ladies,u can never be too foolish or too smart,its just better to keep an open mind in everything….Guys,the evil some of you do surprises the devil himself, y’all need to chill and quit playing games because not everyone might be as lucky as my Ex who I let go without a FIGHT!

What would you have done, in my shoes??? Use the comment Tab šŸ˜‰


More to come šŸ˜€

Written by Ajoke, @omopuparodorodo

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12 thoughts on “ToDaY’s GiSt- The Glittering “Panda” Finale

  1. Well, I wld have let go and let God. The issue is karma is awaiting him deFfinately. Donno y som men cld be so mean to dis extent. As I mentioned earlier let go of him and let God do his tingy. Dats wat I wld av done. Seen lots bur gatz to move on , life continues joooor. *sad dou*

  2. Hmmm stil in dat same shoe ryt now,but she wunt listen,she is married and she wants me every tym. To me I tink bin friends @ tyms cud be delicate,anytin can happen,while keeping malice is also a sin. I would rather not be 2 close nor distance myself from her.jst ignore wen neccessary and be very diplomatic about it,God help me.

  3. Hmmmm d things dat happen!I don’t think u were a side chick per se..I feel he met u,liked u but he was seriously committed already nd he felt der was nothing he cud do but just act stupid by decieving nd playing u.he could ve just told u so u wud knw wat d game was like!thank GOD he didn’t do it to a Revenge seeker.Its well darlin,its all for a reason…

  4. @Nelson…wow!!! U talk like u were there all the time,well u have a right to ur own its ok…I guess its easier to judge other people’s situation cos it has not happened to us…it is well…

  5. Didn’t u like suspect anything (I mean during d relationship) was he 100% or were u dat girl dat visit all d time, u take a cab 2 his place wen he wants 2 c u nd he bearly visits. U creat excuses 4 him like he stays on d island nd I stay on d mainland so its easier for me 2 go? Didn’t u like meet his family? Didn’t u go out 2geda? For weddings or since u said his weddn was in d paper, I guess he is one rich kid nd u were just tryn 2 fit ur self in… Am just sayn…how would ur bf not call u 4 two straight days nd u weren’t bothered after u even left his house not even 2 check if u got home safe. Smh. Y should shld u even be angry? U have no rite 2 be . Am sure u knew dat u were a side chick but u were just hoping for a miracle.

  6. eeyah!I feel u nd tnk God 4 d understanding u have,it is well,nd as u’v said,if he ws ur husband,he wldn’t av behave in dat manner!Be strong!

  7. Well Life is a lesson and experience is def d best teacher.God sees errtin and knows u deserve A better person….Lotta strength and courage u Got, I likey šŸ™‚ ..kip it up :*

  8. Oh,u fuck up o.u for don take the matter to aluu community make them dice the kidding ,newaiz dats was a matured way to deal with such an just paved way for you to meet a better person.

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