ToDaY’s GiSt – The Glittering “Panda”

Hello dolls and teddies,divas n divos,its ur gurl AJOKE aka Omopuparodorodo reporting live from Mr sniper’s blog..hehehehehehehhehe…can u see this cooler ayam holding?*opens cooler*oh u can feel the steam of the hot jollof rice yea?yea! That’s how hot the gist is..and its a true story,it happened to me so pull up a chair cos this might take awhile..
Few years ago,I stumbled into an ex secondary school mate of mine,tho he was way my senior back in school. We got talking and as each day passed,we got so fond of each other……..Hmmm,he asked me out (I know you guys were waiting for this part) but not on a mere dating level,he was of age and hey I was ok to marry as well, not too young and not too old so I was happy that I was gonna get married pretty soon. Day after day, our relationship grew and trust me,no other guy was good enough cos I had someone who really does care about me..ooopsie I gat to go for a ping break..Brb……….

…….Ok I’m back..missed me?I know right..good,so where did I stop?…………… He always warn me not to ever cheat on him or leave him for any one and honestly I never had such plan. Anyways, this particular thursday he asked me to come over and I did, as usual we “gisted”, played and ate but what I noticed was that he kept receiving calls from his Dad and Mum and most times he will be like”Ok Sir, motigbo, Amin” but I didn’t really know what was going on and I wasn’t bothered because he didn’t tell me anything. Meanwhile the love making that night eh,e no get part 2 (Hope no underage is reading this o. This blog is rated 18 šŸ˜€ )..we did it like it was going out of fashion*wink* After the whole show that night,we slept but I had to wake up early to go home cos he had to go see his Dad,that was before 7am on friday.. We kissed goodbye and he promised to call later in the day and I left…
So I went home to my normal activities, even grooved with my friends on friday (all d friday night grooving na) and I never bothered to call my boyfriend and he didn’t call too.. Could be because I wanted to have a “ME” time and I was finding excuse for him that probably he was busy……….Ok my phone is ringing o,hang-on peeps..*picks phone*(long convo)…..*drops phone* yea that was a client,by the way..I run a company called “Fluxbridgeservices” we clean and cater,means we clean for you and we feed,ok fluxbridgeservices is a two in one business,we are into janitorial services,all forms of cleaning and fumigation(homes,offices,hospitals,schools)we also outsource cleaners if you want..Then again we do mobile pots(bachelors,spinsters,busy people,lazy housewives *kidding* )can order any kind of soup/stew(we serve in different bowl sizes) depends on what u want and we can show up at your event and parties and wow you with our delicious meals..for more info,u can send us a mail or, you can also follow us on twitter @fluxbridge………. OMG,I got carried away,aint my fault,where money talks,everything must pause. Back to the business of the day,so we didn’t talk or see since I left on friday morning…saturday passed,still no word and I didn’t call either..I’m sure you are wondering why, I dunno either. *SMH*
ON sunday at about 6pm,I went to a salon just opposite my house……I’m not a fan of newspapers but I particularly like “Punch Newspaper” because of the funny cartoon in it. So I sat down, picked up a punch newspaper, started flipping through the pages, flipped past a particular page then something caught my eyes and I went back to that particular page ……… Some couples who got married a day before and their friends pictures was in it and Guess what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My boyfriend’s picture was among the pictures I saw,not as a guest but as one of the couples who got married on Saturday! Jeez my hands froze and I just opened my mouth wide and couldn’t close it!what!!! What have I been all the while?THE SIDE CHICK????!!! Oh lawd!!!
You wanna know what I did??……………. Watch this space for the concluding part tomorrow. Make Sniper no complain say dis tin too long o x_x !!! Babe gats talk when she gats talk na ;)….

Have a great day and feel free to use the comment tab! šŸ™‚

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11 thoughts on “ToDaY’s GiSt – The Glittering “Panda”

  1. Lolz…. Heeeeya,… Can’t wait 2 hear the end of d story… Pelee oooo omopuparodorodo… Guys will alwys b guys… I can imagne ur facial reactn wen u sw hs pic…lmao

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