ToDaY’s PhOtO (SAP Wedding)

Singing 9ice’s Wedding day Chorus “”

On our wedding day

ma gbe’su le’na

ma f’ona ro’ka
Gbogbo awon e still dey dey
This time around, omo se gobe
na you I go marry [aya wa ni]
To God be the glory [iyawo wa ni]
na you I go marry [aya wa, aya wa]
To God be the glory……………………… Abeg make una finish the remaining part joor! 😀 That Song always make me wanna get married fast and there is also a girl in mind that fits into my dream gown for the bride *winks*! Ok, now you! YES! YOU! You are thinking anyhow abi? It’s not you joor! *tongue out* I’ve not even asked her out sef……….Dat one na gist for another day 😉

There is a particular wedding i shot last year and I’ve not really put it out there for you guys to see and abuse me *covers face*.

I had mad fun shooting the Engagement and Wedding… Met a very talented photographer, Bunmi…. I’m talking too much joor!
It’s Dolapo and Gbenga in ToDaY’s PhOtO! Sniper Ajix Photography Weddings (Special)
****For the techy people, it was shot with a Nikon D3000, the kit lens (18-55mm)! and an add-on flash.

Enjoy! 😉



Engagement Venue- Mende Town Hall

Make-up Artist- Funke

Wedding- Kingsway International Christian Center (KICC) 13 Oki Lane, Mende Maryland Lagos

Reception- Event Center Alausa Ikeja

Photographer- Shola Ajisegbede for Sniper Ajix Photography.


12 thoughts on “ToDaY’s PhOtO (SAP Wedding)

  1. lol…. nice wrk dear….
    Plssssssss help me tell d bride I luff ha gown
    wishing dem a vertically hapi n fruitful marriage life.

  2. Awwww, how cute! The wedding gown was woow! And you totally brought out the beauty in the wedding! @sniper, I hope we know the babe pretty soon! Branded #TotallyMakeSense :*

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