ToDaY’s InFoRmAtIoN

Hello People, long time no “ToDaY’s PhOtO” abi?……….. Make una never vex for me abeg :D! Na work o! thanks for understanding! Una too much! Yeah, ToDaY’s Information is mainly for Young Fashion Designers, Make-up Artists, Stylists and all Fashion enthusiasts :D……


The Making, as the name implies, is a conceptualized design, a scheme with an objective, which is to bring to limelight young and budding designers. It is also more or less a fore-sighted and tactical approach to bringing out the creativity, to stimulate the talents, and create the much needed ambience and awareness for these up and coming designers who have got what it takes to deliver on their passion for designing.

It aims to bring these designers in contact with experienced designers, magazine editors, fashion consultants, PR specialists, stockists and business managers to share their expertise.

Each week (for 10 weeks), 3 designers (and Stylists) will present and pitch their collection to a panel of seasoned judges who will subject each designer and their designs to critical appraisals, evaluations and recommendations. At the end of which a list of ten designers will be selected based on key criteria.

The ten designers will each get a free Photoshoot, PR Service for their collection, Full Spread in (StyleMania, Wow, Complete Fashion, Exquisite) Magazines  and the overall Best collection will get a Stockist  and Cash  prize. The stylist of the overall winning collection will also get a Feature in a magazine.

The Making is only open to young designers between the ages of 13 – 35, and is due to open entries on the 5th  to 13th of September 2012 to designers who already have a Collection for the shoot. While the project kicks off on the 18th of September 2012

The Winning Collection gets an Electric Sewing Machine and Cash Prize of N100,000.00.

To apply to be considered as one of the Final 30 for the competition, please send your BIO (including a photograph of yourself), Lookbook and short summary of Theme of your collection to

For Volunteer Fashion Stylists, Makeup Artists, Hair Stylists, send photos of your work to

For more information and updates on The Making2 follow

Dont Get it twisted, ToDaY’s PhOtO will be back with a BANG!!!! Soon :D…………


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