ToDaY’s PhOtO

Olori of TVC

Hello People, how una dey? *wide grin* wait sef, shey “wide grin” dey again ni? but all the same, idea is need. #GBAGAUN…..*LOL* Sure y’all are prepared for the weekend?…………..TGIF smtin, i might be working tonight tho but i go still groove small 😀 and before i go further, you people that put up “TGIF”, “Cheers to the freaking weekend” e.t.c on BBM and twitter when you know categorically that you won’t do anything fun! *sighs* God is watching you people in HD o and don’t forget,You Only live once so enjoy your life, i dey enjoy my life *in Dr. SID’s voice*………… This is not a SUB!😀 Now let’s face Today’s photo………. Its the amazing Labi Layori @LabiLayori , that awesome presenter, The Olori of TeleVision Continental @ the One Mic Naija June edition some weeks ago! I love love the picture :D! Enjoy!

Olori of TVC

Labi Layori @LabiLayori, TVC, One Mic Naija June, Browns Cafe, Sniper Ajix Photography

……..and incase you don’t know what to do this weekend………………..hmmmmm, OYO lowa!………….. YOU ARE “ON YOUR OWN”! just make sure you enjoy ursef ur way! 😀

Cheers!!! 😉

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