ToDaY’s PhOtO


<p>Eeerrmmm…..*smiles* hw una dey?… Yes! Straight to the business of
the day, make I nack una Today foto! In ToDaY’s PhOtO is what as a kid I called
“ina olorun”(God’s light) or “bisco” or sometimes generalize it to be “banger”
*LMAO* *covers face* I’m a Yoruba boy to the core!!! :p …. I was @ Qlounge one
Friday night like that, (I didn’t go there to club tho) but anytime DJ Snatch (badt
guy) play any song that I have on my “Favourite playlist” on my music player, me
sef go join d groove! 😀 but while doing that something caught my eyes and thank
God my sniper was hanging around my neck and ALAS!! I got this! Did u say its
nothing? …… the light effect….I love… *LOL*</p>
Thanks 😉

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Light, Fireworks,Nightlife, Belvedere, Qlounge, Shola Ajisegbede, Sniper Ajix Photography 2012


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