ToDaY’s PhOtO

Wow…… I’m back, after a lonnnng absence *scratches head*. Yes, lemme now grab a seat on my blog, Fluxbridge Cc: @Ms_omopupa just finished cleaning my blog! *Smiles*……. Thank God I’m here to stay, ok before I go further, Pls follow @fluxbridge on Twitter for all your cleaning needs….Yes o, they clean anything!Lol

I’ve done many things since the last time I blogged *smiles* but bit by bit I will let you into all have been up to! In ToDaY’s PhOtO, we have some photos from the shoot I had with my wonderful models (yes ke! Keyword- “My”..Make me sef feel important *lmao*) Saffy @Safffyy, Amira @Ami_KM and Sophie @sewffy !…These awesome ladies were wonderful from the beginning of the shoot till the end…….
In that light, ToDaY’s PhOtO will be titled “The Tale of Three Sisters from Different Mothers” …..Enjoy!

Follow @sniper_ajix on Twitter for more updates on ToDaY’s PhOtO 😀
Have a lovely weekend! 😉 *bows*


6 thoughts on “ToDaY’s PhOtO

  1. Awwww sniper ure such a darling…I’m glad my coy @fluxbridge could clean up for u so so much…BTW lovely pictures tho,ure doing a very good job…the sky is just ur starting point..NDY(NothingDoYou)love ya pieces..peace!!!

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