ToDaY’s PhOtO – Mothers’ Day

Happy Sunday….. and this is a very special day for me, (yes! For me) because today is a day set aside for our Mothers! It’s Mother’s Day people!!!! Singing *Sweet Mother I no go forget you….*:) I don’t want to wait another year to pay you homage because as far as I’m concerned, every day is Mother’s Day, a day is not enough to appreciate this special breed called “Mother” they are to be appreciated and prayed for everytime…Mothers went through a lot to give us life… So ToDaY’s PhOtO is dedicated to the Mothers in my life….My first love(My Mum), My godmother(My Aunty), and Liz Yemoja(My Manager 😉 ) can’t you see I’m very lucky…..scratch that!..I’m so blessed, I’ve got the bestest mums in the World…. A mother’s love is boundless.

Many Mother’s Days have come and gone, but I don’t feel I’ve done enough to show my appreciation. You’ve always protected me and kept me out of harm’s way. You’ve always made sure I had a roof over my head and food in my stomach. You’ve never let me go to bed hungry. You’ve nursed me when I was ill and reprimanded me when I was naughty. But, you’ve never failed to cheer my accomplishments no matter how big or small.
You’ve done so much for me, and while Mother’s Day is a wonderful opportunity to pay tribute, one day out of the year isn’t enough to do you justice, My biggest fan, my international Manager, your advice keeps me going and also you’ve never failed to cheer my accomplishments, always encouraging to do more.
I was just sitting here thinking about you and decided I had to let you know just how much I truly love you. Actually, it goes much deeper than that. If I could take the air I breathe and turn it into words, then, that would explain how much I respect and honor you. I treasure your friendship. I value your wisdom. I admire your courage. But most of all, I cherish the warmth of your heart and your endless sacrifice for me, just so that I can be.
A mother’s love is irreplaceable, indescribable and immeasurable.
A special prayer for my Mothers-
The naira may fall, your wealth will increase
War all around, You will be at peace
You are blessed both near and far
When recession comes you won’t be affected!
Troubles, tears, sickness,depression and cancer will never be your portion
Cos God’s blessings are on you!
I love you Superwomen! :*

Happy Mothers’ Day to all the Mothers in the World 🙂

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Jewel,My Mother, 21st October,2011, Tosin's Introduction, Sniper Ajix Photography, @sniper_ajix

Jewel,My Mother, 21st October,2011, Tosin’s Introduction, Sniper Ajix Photography, @sniper_ajix

Aunty Toyin, godmother, portrait, Xmas Shoot, Sniper Ajix Photography, @sniper_ajix

Aunty Toyin, godmother, portrait, Xmas Shoot, Sniper Ajix Photography, @sniper_ajix

Liz Yemoja @LizYemoja, Rehab, Bukky's Birthday, 27th December, 2011, Sniper Ajix Photography

Liz Yemoja @LizYemoja, Rehab, Bukky’s Birthday, 27th December, 2011, Sniper Ajix Photography

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