Today’s Word! CONT’D

Morning People, Happy new Month!? It’s the love month people ;)….. Ok *Clears throat* hmmmm, so you are here again?..yes! You and You!!…Thanks for being my continuous inspiration!*thumbs up*…

*clears throat again* Before I dive into the word for “Today’s Word!”, I got some interesting replies on the last post but I will tackle just one, Idowu’s comment- “Interesting piece but heres a controversial question. Whats your opinion if a lady asks a man out. Looking forward to hearing from you” Like he already said, it’s a controversial question but I will let you know my take on this issue!
To start with, there’s nothing wrong in a lady asking a man out- Yes,you asked for my opinion so why are you shinning your eyes *rme* – I don’t see anything bad in a lady asking a man out but in this part of the World that we are, everyone thinks the Men have to do the chase because they feel “What you toiled for will last long in your hands” It’s only wrong if the lady is doing it for the wrong reasons! Ladies, the only man you should ask out is a man you truly know that is madly in love with you but can’t say it, not a man you are madly in love with (Find a guy that adores you and not one that you adore!) If and Only if he’s shy to ask you out, if you ask a man out of desperation, you are on your own o!.#MyOpinion! If he’s not a shy person, keep your mouth shut and don’t allow your emotions control you!(He will just take advantage of you *covers face*) -make guys no read this thing o! 🙂 ). Please Ladies, always talk to your man. Let them know you know what you’re doing-that you are NO Pushover!- (If he’s a player be the coach and run the show 😉 ) OMG! This thing is getting long o, but you’re still reading (thanks! yes, I love you )…

That being said, we go straight to today’s business. Ladies, You’ve gotta think before you have his baby!
Often times when I’m in conversation with one of my numerous lady friends (I cut across all ages, some of my lady friends are older than me *covers face*), something always cracks me up. I know they been having sex for years in and out of relationships and that fact is not hidden between us. But on some occasions, when I ask them if they have been pregnant before, their voice takes on a new tone of ‘How dare you?’ And then there is a resounding NO, like, ‘how could I get pregnant?’ Wait a minute! Am I missing something here? If you are having sex – sexual intercourse, you are potentially making a baby. You are filing an application. As soon as he ejaculates into you, the application is submitted and the outcome of that process is no longer left to you or him but to the Department of Conception. And if they approve it, you become pregnant whether you want it or not. Sex is not just about the pleasure derived, neither is it an antidote for loneliness. Sex is Responsibility; meaning you will have to respond to the outcome of that sexual encounter and sometimes it could be a lifetime of responses especially when a child is conceived. And when that child is born, you will forever have a symbol representing your union with your ex. Once a child is conceived, there is no moving on from that relationship. It begins the strongest bond known between a man and a woman. That man holds a special place in your heart regardless of how you feel about him today. You may have an abortion in trying to cut any future ties to this man, but may I have you know that the power of conception outweighs the power of birth. For something to be born, it has to be conceived. We are all on this earth first because of conception then birth. Without conception they will be no birth but without birth there can be conception. A strong bond is created when you allow a man’s sperm to start life within you. It is a major privilege to give to someone and not everyone should have that kind of access to you. If a man is horny and wants to be relieved, tell him to use his hand (my guys will so kill me), You are no object and certainly no substitute for a man’s hand. So if you don’t want to have his baby, don’t make his baby… After saying all these, I know I’m in trouble but all the same, I don talk my own sha!.. Pregnancy can’t keep a man o!.. 😐

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Do have a blessed week
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Selfworth, artwork, Quote, Photoshop, Sniper Ajix Photography, @sniper_ajix

Selfworth, artwork, Quote, Photoshop, Sniper Ajix Photography, @sniper_ajix

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2 thoughts on “Today’s Word! CONT’D

  1. Todays blog was so entertaining.nice one.I don’t think its wrong asking a boy out but the thing is that he might use it against u one for the sex one,u r right.

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