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*clears throat*…hmmm, I’m here again *big grin* but before I drop today’s word, I must say Thank You to You, yes You and You for reading this blog and being my continous inspiration…*una tooo much*, the comments I got on the previous post ehn *lips sealed*. Some people really sliced open the matter, I can’t go into details of what they wrote now (yimu, you’re already anxious to read *tongue out*) Please do go through the last post and check the comments, read it through 😉

Yes, let’s go straight to the business of the day *Scratches head*
I will talk about the one that breaks my heart the most first, Your Personal Standards, Don’t leave home without them!

By not setting your standard, you’ve just set the standard. The standards I speak of are not standards for the relationship; I speak of your personal standards irrespective of the relationship. What is your life’s moral compass? This could get a bit confusing, so let me explain. Often times, at a certain point in life, people turn to religion for some sort of moral guidance or law. It’s an acknowledgment of some sort that they have made numerous personal mistakes and are in probable search for a turn around. Your personal standards are born and realised from within you and become your principles rather than a law.

A principle is born out of understanding; an understanding of who you are and why you are here on this earth. If you are roaming the earth like a lost sheep in search of a man to give you relevance, you will always find yourself jumping from relationship to relationship with each one leaving you even more confused than you were in the beginning. But when you understand that you are not here by chance and your presence on this earth has significant relevance, the aura about you changes and the people and things you accept into your life will only be a reflection of your internal essence or your personal standard. A man can cause you to go against a belief because it was never yours in the first place, but he can never sway you away from your principle because you are one with your principle. A lady who lives from her principles takes personal responsibility for her own actions and responses. She takes charge and never leaves her fate to the opinions or actions of men. She doesn’t go on a date with every man that asks her out because she doesn’t need a man – she would want a man but she fully well understands that her worth is solely appraised on who she is and not who she’s with. She would not change her principle to have or keep a man. She doesn’t need to sleep with a man to have or keep him. She understands that whatever she can’t get by way of her principles will never be her own. That you are sleeping with a guy does not mean he’s yours. If you had to sleep with him to keep him, he was never yours in the first place. In the absence of your personal standards, you end up trying many things and many people, but you never experience the love that is already within you. Allow that love within to write your standards and begin to live from them. That love will never lead you astray, never ever!… 🙂 More to come in subsequent posts! Don’t just read it alone o, please do share with your friends! 😉

Do have a blessed day 🙂

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Peace *winks*
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Quote, Artwork, Sniper Ajix Photography, @sniper_ajix

Quote, Artwork, Sniper Ajix Photography, @sniper_ajix

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10 thoughts on “Today’s Word! – CONT’D

  1. Uve said it al sniper…….its al about principles!!!!standard is jes d word!as a lady wt standards ve u set in ur relatnshp????ur level of composure wil determine ow u will be adressed……….u cnt gv out wat u dnt av!!!beautiful piece once again jes hope loads of females cn gt on dis blog and tap a lot 4rm dis!peace out

  2. Sniper, I agree with you. Many people do things as they come. If there’r no standards, anything goes. People who don’t have standards swallow everythin & anything. This issue also goes into time management & resource management. If only we set guidlines & standards, then a good reputation will come beckoning. If you’ve got standards, people will look for you when they want somethin done but with no standards, you’l become a jack of all trade but master of none as anything will be brought to.
    Keep up the good work
    The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword

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