Today’s Word!

Errmm…It’s a new day! Woke up this morning with just words in my head (subsidy wahala don comot for my head 🙂 ), so as I was going through my design archive I bumped into a particular design (it pulled me to itself :)). It’s not fully original though, I redesigned! (na steal I steal am x_x), I was going through an interior decor magazine and I saw it, the words inside really moved me. So I scanned it out, remixed the content (yeah, added some of my own words, removed some words and added my own design ;))… Though I had it in mind to print it out on a canvas and hang it in my room such that it will be the first thing I see every morning!(Something like a motivational piece).. When I saw it on my PC this morning, I talked to myself “Dude, why will u keep this just to yourself?”(I got a slap from the inner Shola for keeping it lol )..
Enjoy and feel free to save and use it’s not my original work.(My name aint on it 😉 ).
Have a glorious working week *winks*

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Collage of Words, Shola Ajisegbede, 2012, @sniper_ajix.

Collage of Words, Shola Ajisegbede, 2012, @sniper_ajix.

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