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Errmm… When I woke up this morning, talking or I should say sharing the word of God wasn’t on my “To do list”!. Passed the night in the sitting room(yeah, two nights running! Sleeping on the couch)..Only people close to me will know the reasons behind my sleeping on the couch(you can ask me though :))…I had it in mind to do some studying early this morning(that was how The Book(Sniper’s mind) found its way to the living room [my pad ;)] ), let me tell you little about The Book. It’s a book I write anything that comes to my mind, every idea about life and photography(it’s not a diary sha 🙂 )..When I was arranging the table, Mummy showed up and rang the bell for Morning devotion(then I automatically became unhappy *covers face* ), my sister and my little brother came out of the room and the session started with Praise and worship which lasted for about 15mins(longest so far this year and I participated well :))…Then the shocker came after the praise and worship when Momc looked at me and smiled (then I knew I was in trouble lol )..She said and I quote “Shola, so oro olorun fun wa”and for those who can’t read yoruba, it means “Shola,Speak to us the word of God”(I’m not sure if the interpretation is correct sha X_x)I was confused at first, went for my bible that was in my room, opened it and nothing came to mind. I closed my Bible and opened my book,then inspiration came rushing in(if you get a hold of that my book you will know 🙂 ) You can also learn from what I shared with my Family 😉 :-

Don’t be driven by your fear. Drive it!
Don’t allow what you’re scared of manage how you think. You have to take the bull by the horn and take charge of your fears. Don’t let it control what you want to do to your life!
Don’t wonder or think how long it’s going to take to manifest or manage your situation. There is no book anywhere in the World that tells you how long anything will last. Just be in alignment with God and it will work out well. If you do a thorough research, it is going to be evident to you that anyone that did anything good or accomplish anything did not know how they were going to do it, they only know they are going to do it.
Bring yourself into alignment with what you are asking for, when you’re in alignment with what you want, that’s what joy is, that’s what fulfilment is, that’s what the feeling of passion is, but when you feel fear or anger then you’re not in alignment with what you want.
Pay attention to what you’re attracted to, what you visualise you will materialise, if you can feel it in your mind you can do it in the body.
When you have inspired thought you have to trust it, and you have to ACT on it.
PS- it took me more than 4months to put this in my book 😉
Thanks for reading!
Peace *winks*
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My bible, book, laptop, Blackberry and my Camera, Sniper Ajix Photography, @sniper_ajix

My bible, book, laptop, Blackberry and my Camera, Sniper Ajix Photography, @sniper_ajix

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18 thoughts on “Today’s Word

  1. Nice inspirational words,felt rily touched by wat I read esp “Don’t allow what you’re scared of manage how you think.”

  2. U r indeed a “talented lad”.i guess u r attracted 2 writing nd u shuld “pay attention” 2 it (as u wrote).Nice 😀

  3. Wow! So random how I got 2 find out about dis blog and yh I’m impressed! I won’t tell u dat directly tho! So there…I luk foward 2 d next wan

  4. Mr Sniper The Pastor 😀 I Take Hold Of This Sentence “Don’t allow what you’re scared of manage how you think” I must Share With My Family

  5. Cooool! “Don’t be driven by ur fears”- I like dat. Hmmmmn! U are goin places dear. I just know dat. So, photographer or pastor which one shld I call u? *wink*

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