Yes! I’m Here now

Yeah! I’m here @last!..but first thing I should have said is Happy new year Right?(Forgive my manners 😉 ) Ok, Happy New Year peeps! May this year be the best so far(#FuelSubsidyRemoval or No #FuelSubsidyRemoval)…
I’m new here though but I’ve always been reading people’s post on here(@Ms_teeVa, @waleadenuga nd other posts)..I think this is even easy to use with the help of WordPress for Blackberry(#Gbabe, I dey feel the thing)but I reserve my comment till after like 10days of posting(that’s when I will “comment my reserve” lol)…I’m not much of a writer o but when I get the inspiration I write things(when I say things, I mean things 😉 ). But for a start I will upload a picture of my sweet little cousins that I sniped in my living room (hmmm, not my house o, na my papa house. Let’s just pretend it’s mine 😀 ) just after Sunday Service on 25th of December, 2011.. They were all wearing white and the thought of “snipping”(You will be seeing more of this word because that’s what I do ;)….. don’t mind me joor…Na me dey use d word o, e no dey dictionary o..LOL) them struck my head and behold I brought out my Gun, errrrm sorry my camera and the shoot began! As always my cousins cooperated and did well in the shoot! Smiled when they needed to and laughed when I told them I won’t be snipping them standing!(Agbaya ni mi abi?! :)) sometimes I just like using “seniority”(Secondary school tins) for them ;)! It was fun shooting them sha!.. E’ku ile o!!! Peace


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